What are the Best Hacks to Get IGTV Likes?

Getting people to watch your IGTV videos is not as simple as it sounds, especially if you are going to debut, or you don’t have a lot of followers. It is really difficult to get a large number of likes on your IGTV videos.

Moreover, you are competing in the market where people are spending a huge amount of money into advertising campaigns to get such millions of likes, others are using their thousands of followers and big connections to promote their videos and channel, but what are the strategies a new IGTV user should follow to get a substantial number of likes on his/her videos.

This blog will guide some quick secrets that would help you effectively to get more likes on IGTV videos and share your video content onto the screen of millions of people.

Create Quality Content

Create Quality Content

Creating quality content might take your extra efforts, but definitely, it is worth for potential engagement on your IGTV videos. Incredible videos help in generating viewers’ interest and leading them to watch, share, and crave more. Keeping your video interesting and approachable, make content according to the viewer’s desire and keep the video quality strong in aspects of visuals and sound.  For this, try to work with someone who is adept in making quality videos and can make perfect use of equipment.

Use the following tips while making your IGTV video

  • Keep the video concise and interesting
  • Focus on good lighting
  • Pay attention to sound quality
  • Keep the quality music in the background
  • Create a constant camera setup- make use of a tripod
  • Focus on your conversation in the video- do not let it be so fast or slow


Deliver Informative and Entertaining Video

Deliver Informative and Entertaining Video

Tutorials are an excellent way to draw the attention of the potential audience, and entertainment is the best way to keep users’ interest on your channel. Try to make your IGTV video both entertaining and informative. People love to learn new things but get attracted towards it more, if the content is crisp and interesting. So it is your responsibility to deliver them what they desire.

If you are serving exactly what your audience expects, then you will definitely have the best engagement on your videos, means more likes.

Video Enhancement

Video Enhancement

Once you have made and upload your best video, now you need to work on its optimization. Presenting your video with good titles and tags is most important to get audience engagement on your videos.

Make Attractive Title

Title of your video should be short and attractive that can describe your video wisely. Work on keyword research to getting the best phrases you can use in the title.

Video Description-

The description of your IGTV video should provide your viewers with a glimpse of everything they will see in the video. The description should not mislead the viewers, therefore the description should be completely relevant to your video. Also, try to use most searched keywords phrases in the description, so that viewers can easily discover your video.

Video Tags-

Video tags are incredibly important for the marketing of your videos. Tags not only show your video in the top searches but also show up your video in the recommendations when a viewer watches related videos.


Thumbnail is one of the important parts to market your IGTV videos, select the tempting thumbnail to represent the content of your video aesthetically. As a video creator, you must know that thumbnail is the first thing viewers see when your video comes up in the search.

Share Your IGTV Video

Share Your IGTV Video

After uploading and enhancing your video, share it with your family, friends, customers, colleagues and to whom you are connected with. You can do this via online mediums that you usually used to connect with people like Facebook, Twitter, Email (personal or business), your website, etc. Moreover, try to grab the opportunity to talk about your latest IGTV videos in group chats. This is the best way to not only get viewers likes and comments but also for their inputs and feedback.

Create a Playlist

Creating a playlist for your video content lets viewers watch your video one after the another. Once the first video end, the second video will play automatically. This will get more views on your IGTV videos for each played video, with which the probability of getting likes increases. Create a playlist, embed it into your IGTV channel. Try to make each video unique and customized them according to their topics so that the viewer can easily discover the list he is looking for.

Interact With Your Followers

 Interact With Your Followers

This is a great way to get audience attention towards your videos. Most of the time people watch the video but skips to click on the “Like” button. So, here what you should do is interact as much as you can with your followers. Ask them what they think about your IGTV video, and tell them if they find your video helpful  “please hit the like” button.

Double tap on your IGTV video means a lot for the success of your hard work. Moreover, you can also ask your friends to share your video with their contacts, this will help you to get more likes and views on your video.

Grab the opportunity to promote your IGTV videos to gain more likes with such simple steps. Don’t give up if your first video doesn’t get succeed as you expected, success does not lie in results, but in efforts. Learn from your mistakes, hold on the right path. Keep your hard work on with smart work.

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