Best Hacks To Use IGTV Hashtags

Since social media was born, traditional media is no longer a major source of communication and promotion. And now social media is taking a step forward towards new technologies and methods. From the time of newspapers to the opportunities of Snapchats, Insta stories, etc. there were lots of enhancements occurred in the technology. With such growth of social media, the time of TV has come to an end, and the new technique has brought the rise of digital video. IGTV hashtags are one of the best examples to introduce the new way of communication in the new age of social media.
Nowadays, online videos are the best way to engage more traffic on mobile, and a couple of months back, Instagram launched – “Instagram TV” (IGTV), a video-sharing application that works as a feature of the Instagram app and as a stand-alone app. The app is specifically designed to share videos in a vertical format that matches the orientation for mobile users. This is beneficial and tempting for content creators and marketers, as they can extend their brand reach and the audience engagement with their hour-long videos. Of course, a quality video content can lead to much more engagement than the written campaigning format. But above all of this, it only happens if the video content catering the right audience, and for this, it is important that one should know how to use IGTV hashtags as well as the top IGTV hashtags.

Use and Benefits of IGTV Hashtags-

Use and Benefits of IGTV Hashtags

Apart from sharing an hour-long video, IGTV offers an extensive range of benefits such as improving audience engagement, linking to other sites via clickable links in the video description and last of all the probability of more benefits if IGTV rules changes in the future. To take advantage of such benefits, it is important to make use of good hashtags. On Instagram, hashtags sort your content and make it easier for your followers to discover your content, as users have the facility to search for the particular tags or to follow tags they are interested in, so content appears in their feeds automatically. A user can include up to 20 or 30 hashtags in their content but statistics shows that using more than nine hashtags can decrease the engagement on your video content. So before using hashtags on your content, always make sure that you are using the appropriate limit of hashtags.
Hashtags are divided into four different sections– let’s check out-
 Content IGTV Hashtags
 Industry IGTV Hashtags
 Branded IGTV Hashtags
 Targeted IGTV Hashtags

How to Get success with IGTV Hashtags?

Get success with IGTV Hashtags

You are entitled to use 30 hashtags for their each IGTV video, just like you would do on your other social media accounts. Here are the two best ways to use IGTV hashtags to enhance the visibility and engagement of your IGTV videos.

Hashtags on Videos:

You can add hashtags on your video’s description, which would make your content visible to other users easily. Adding hashtags to your video description allow your followers to discover your content they are interested in. Instagram has a “For You” category on IGTV featuring video recommendations for the users based on the hashtag and accounts they follow, thus using hashtags on your video’s description would be a beneficial trick.

Hashtags on Regular Posts:

Post a promotional image with IGTV hashtags in your Instagram feed at the same time you uploaded your IGTV video. It will take your viewers to your IGTV video, or the latest content you have uploaded on IGTV, means it will drive traffic to your content.

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Check Out Some Most Popular IGTV Hashtags:

Popular IGTV Hashtags


IGTV is new in the social media market, so there are no specific rules to drive traffic and engagement on IGTV. The following hashtags are based on the popular search that can help to generate followers interests on your IGTV video content-

This is one of the most searched tags relating to IGTV. You can use it in videos descriptions or in the images promoting your videos. There are more hashtags similar to #igtv such as #igtvcontent, #igtvcreator, #igtvchannel and more.

Instagram is a major source to share images where many artists are amplifying their IGTV videos content, so art-related tags are becoming more popular day by day. Some of the popular hashtags that are similar to #igtvart you can schedule on your post are #igtvfilms, #artigtv and more.

Content creators and marketers usually post daily, and this is the right tag to let people know that you are updating content daily to keep them interested and engaged.

IGTV provides an opportunity for everyone to showcase their talent and creatives and for music lovers, it is one of the best places where they can share their talent. By using #igtvmusic most of the singers are making their videos visible to the wider audience.
All of these hashtags embrace “IGTV,”, which is an excellent approach of giving the glimpse that the content you are sharing is video-based and an image is promoting the video. Here, you are entitled to combine these hashtags with the commonly used tags. Use these simple tricks to use IGTV hashtags and enjoy the success of your IGTV videos.

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