IGTV Copying TikTok’s AI And Snapchat’s Design

Instagram has always dominated the social media industry with its Story feature, but it has been consequently failing to win the battle for the new video formats. TikTok, vertical video app is at the stage of conquering the top ranking worldwide with its small clips of multiple users in a single video. Snapchat’s Discover’s 2 X infinity grid has blown up recently and worked as a canvas for multi-media magazines, publishers, and TV networks creating disappearing stories consisting of text, image, and videos.

Instagram’s IGTV has failed to make a mark in the video context of social media. Launched a year ago, it’s full with the crudely cropped and imported viral videos on Instagram. The long-form video hub has failed to host original vertical content on it. As per the reports, IGTV has been installed only by just 4.2 million people worldwide with only 7,700 new videos uploaded per day on it. Video creators have failed to create noticeable content on IGTV, and most of the videos that can be seen are just a collection of different short-form videos. IGTV remains low at No. 191 on the US- Photo, and Video app charts.

With the tremendous growth of its competitors, Instagram quietly went thoroughly with the design of IGTV’s space to check the loopholes of the app. The new design was seen last week in the announcements for Instagram Explore’s new Shopping and IGTV discovery experiences. At the time of the announcement, Instagram’s product lead said about the redesign that “the idea is this is more immersive and helps you to see the breadth of videos in IGTV rather than the horizontal scrolling interface that used to exist,” However, the company didn’t answer any further questions asked about the update.

IGTV also removed its horizontal scrolling design in which a video always kept playing at the top half of the screen. Users now need to scroll through a 2 X infinity grid of recommended videos, somewhat similar to the Snapchat’s new discover feed. Now, users can find a full-screen grid of things to watch once they get past the first video that auto-plays on the top, you will see a full-screen grid of things to watch. Now, one can only see the horizontal scroller in the IGTV app, or if you tap into an IGTV video and then tap the browse button to find the next video.

Now, it appears as Instagram is trying to replicate the designs of its two competitors. The problem with that is TikTok’s one-at-a-time feed works great for short videos that go right to the point, and in case you are bored with the video you can easily swipe through to the next one. IGTV’s focus on long-form video format means that its videos may start slowly to grab your attention if you played them mistakenly in the news feed. Still, Snapchat has made most of the two previews per row design that IGTV has adopted because professional video makers may take time to make eye-catching cover images to promote their content. IGTV’s focus on independent creators means that the fewer of them have managed to create attractive cover images, so viewers have to rely upon screenshots and captions.

Instagram is trying various new features to boost engagement on its platform. These changes include options to send a direct message to all your close friends at once in individual message threads, a divider between the notifications and likes you have and haven’t seen, or to post a chat sticker to start a group chat. Additionally, it may let you add lyrical stickers to the videos which play word-by-word along with the video, and now you can also share music stories to Facebook. The vertical only format keeps a lot of great content out of IGTV or letterboxed with black, color-matched backgrounds o meme-style captions. Instagram CEO and ex-CEO said at the time of launch of IGTV,  “It’s a new format. It’s different. We have to wait for people to adopt it and that takes time. Everything that is great starts small.”

To grow a large platform, IGTV needs to show how long-form video content can help people to have a deeper look at the content of the influencers and topics. Instagram has worked rightfully on safety measures for users on its platform and features that hide bullies. But in my opinion, focusing on teaching creators how to find what works on the format and developing some high-quality videos with great content will work great. Thanks for reading the article, what’s your thoughts about IGTV bringing these advancements to its platform, will it work or not? Feel free to give your opinions in the comment section.

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