How Twitter Ads Works?

Table of Contents

  1. Why Use Twitter Ads?
  2. How Twitter Ads Work?
  3. Types Of Twitter Ads
  4. How To Advertise On Twitter?
  5. Twitter Ads Checklist
  6. Choosing The Objective
  7. Grouping And Bidding
  8. Twitter vs Facebook Ads
  9. How To Put Awesome Videos On Twitter?
  10. Tips For Better Audience Targeting

Twitter has significantly changed the way businesses used to work especially in the marketing field. From small scale businesses to large scale businesses, it has the power to boost and achieve your business goals.

Online advertising on Twitter is quite unique as compared to other online advertising platforms like Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, etc. Precise targeting is what gives an online advertising platform an edge over others. The primary goal of a business is to generate as much revenue as possible.

Let’s first discuss some advantages of online marketing as compared to offline marketing. Offline marketing is the implementation of any advertising strategy in the actual world excluding the internet. While marketing over the internet is called digital or online marketing. Currently over half of the world’s population is using the internet for exchanging information hence digital marketing becomes an effective way of soliciting the attention of the target audience.

Gaugeable: Online marketing is more and easily gaugeable as compared to offline marketing. It comes with different data analysis and visualization tools which is really important to dive deep into the complex structure of web networks and make decisions to achieve business goals. However, in offline marketing, there is no way to target a particular audience. For example, the conversion rate is an important factor for an effective digital marketing strategy. It defines the percentage of people who clicked the ad and then completed the purchase. If an ad gets 100 clicks which resulted in 50 purchases in total then the conversion of that ad will be 50%. Online marketing is based on certain precise tracking parameters which makes it far more efficient than offline marketing, especially for a small business.

Real-time results: The results of an online advertising campaign are instantaneous in terms of speed, adjustment, targeting, and data retrieval. This increases the sales capacity of digital marketing.

Cost reduction: Online marketing is pretty cheap as compared to offline marketing (for example T.V ads). It offers a better budget planning and execution.

Long-term exposure: Online marketing and SEO is a long term process, unlike offline marketing, which is for a short period of time. Offline advertising campaigns require 1 to 4 weeks on average. Sometimes it depends upon how long you want to broadcast the add.

Why Use Twitter Ads?

On Twitter you only pay after your marketing campaign’s objective has been achieved. Depending upon the type of marketing campaign like app install campaign, website conversion campaigns, tweet engagement campaigns, it provides pay for performance to people. Twitter allows you to reach your brand’s target audience by filters accounts by specific keywords, hashtags. Besides that twitter allows you to reach audiences following a specific page or account. Twitter offers a low cost per click price as compare to other online advertising platforms.

How Twitter Ads Work?

Twitter shows different kinds of ads like Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, Promoted trends, etc. They are shown even when someone is logged out from the platform. If anything content is promoted it is marked as promoted. Anything which is not promoted is organic content. The interaction behavior is pretty much the same for promoting content on Twitter. Your likes and retweets will be visible to your followers no matter whether it is organic content or promoted content.

Is everyone seeing the same advertisements on Twitter?

Twitter tries to make relevant content for every account depending upon the user behavior associated with that account. The type of information you are going to provide to Twitter determines the relevant content you will be shown. By using the basic functionalities of its platform like follow, tweet, search, view, action with tweets, and with other accounts helps twitter to customize advertisements for you. Your IP address and location lets Twitter know about your area and then by using this information it shows you certain advertisements from the local businesses located near your area. Twitter also knows about other installed applications installed on your device. If you are a frequent online food buyer then chances are high that you are going to see advertisements related to food business on your Twitter timeline.

Managing your privacy settings

Twitter knows the importance of your privacy. Twitter never forces you to see advertisements based upon your interests. You have an option to turn off this feature. To turn off this feature you can visit Personalization and data setting. From there adjust the Personalize ads setting. If you are an iPhone user then you can enable the Limit Ad Tracking setting on your phone. And in case if you have got an Android phone then you can enable Opt out of Ads Personalization in your Android phone’s settings.

Types Of Twitter Ads

Before running your ad campaign on Twitter you should be familiar with different types of twitter ads available.

1. Promoted Tweets:

These kinds of tweets are funded from advertisers to show their ads to people who don’t follow them on Twitter. They just have a labeled promoted keyword written at the bottom. Users can interact with a promoted tweet just like other tweets.

Promoted Tweets

They are targeted in user’s timelines, on other user profiles, and on search results. You can also see a promoted tweet when you click on a promoted trend. It’s shown on desktop websites, mobile applications, and desktop applications. If you want to find any promoted tweet then just search it on the platform just like a normal tweet.

2. Promoted Accounts:

Also known as follower campaigns, promoted accounts also target non-followers but might find your advertisement and brand interesting. They are displayed in multiple places on Twitter like a timeline,” Who to follow” and search results. It’s also labeled as promoted in order to distinguish it from other accounts. Promoted accounts increase your follower frequency. They consist of a follow button.

3.   Promoted trends:

Promoted trends allow users to follow trending hashtags. When you go through the explore tab you can find all the trending tweets stacked there.

Promoted trends

Promoted trends act similar to any other trending topic and users can interact with it in the same way. Promoted trend is purchased by the advertiser and is clearly marked as “Promoter”.

How To Advertise On Twitter?

1. Create a Twitter ads account: Your twitter ads account is connected to your twitter handle. Log into first then setup your ads account. Setting, running, and analyzing your advertising campaigns, all this is done there. It acts as a value-added service to your organic account. After logging into your twitter account go to will be shown two promotional options:

  • I want to automatically promote my tweets: This mode will take you to Twitter Promote Mode.
  • I want to launch a Twitter Ads campaign: This mode will take you to set up and manage objective-based campaigns.

2. Set your country and time zone. You cannot change these values once your account has been created.

3. You’ll be taken to the campaign setup form or Twitter Promote Mode setup, depending upon the choice you made earlier.

4. Enter your billing information to complete your ads account and start your campaign.

Twitter Ads Checklist:

1. Remember or keep your Twitter Ads username and password safely.

2. Designate a responsible person to use your account. If you have multiple people running the same account then you should study about multi-user login features on the twitter documentation page.

3. Make sure your profile is 100% complete. Put a high-quality profile photo. Mention the name of your business, location and website URL.

4. Follow @TwitterBusiness for important updates.

Twitter Ads Checklist

Choosing The Objective

Your objective plays a very important role in defining your business. Your objective determines the level of engagement and money you are going to pay for a campaign. Type of options you have:

  • Awareness: If you want a huge number of accounts to see your promoted Tweet you can go with this option. You have to pay per 1K impressions.
  • Tweet Engagements: If you want maximum engagement on your promoted tweets through retweets, replies, etc then you should go for it. You will have to pay per engagement, however, only initial engagements are charged.
  • Followers: This is to build your own audience by letting other people follow you. You will have to pay for each follower but not for the engagement.
  • Website clicks or conversions: If you want traffic on your website and especially if you want a target audience to visit your website you can go for this option.
  • App installs: By this option, you can increase your app downloads.
  • App re-engagement: This option lets people open your application on their phones if they already have your app installed on their phones.
  • Promoted video views: It is for the promotion of videos and GIFs across twitter.
  • In-stream video views: You can promote your short ad videos at the beginning of videos from Twitter’s premium content partners.

Grouping And Bidding

An Ad group is a subset of the campaign. If you are creating your first Twitter Ad campaign then you should learn to create a single Ad group. Once you have mastered the art then you should try to create multiple Ad Groups. Each Ad group has its own start and end date. The budget is also different for each and every Ad group.

Grouping and Bidding

Now there is manual bidding done by you and automatic bidding which is done by twitter itself. If you are naive to Twitter ads then it’s recommended to choose the automatic bidding option. In this setting Twitter automatically sets bid for different engagements in order to maximize the profit at the lowest possible cost.

Choosing Ad creative and placement

create a new one to promote

Choose from your previous tweets or either create a new one to promote. Then choose the location where you want to show your ads across Twitter. This thing comes under ad placement. The location could be a user’s timeline, search results, etc.

Target your audience

The selection of the right audience for your business promotion is extremely important and it is definitely easy as compared to the traditional marketing approach. It offers demographic(gender,age,location,language,device) as well as geographic targeting(area selection).You can also target accounts based on the operating system they are running.

Target your audience

The audience features section lets you target different accounts based upon certain features like behavior, interest, keywords, etc.

The final launch

This is the final step. Hold your seat and count 123. Click on the Launch Campaign. You are all done.

Quick promote on twitter

If you are running out of time and don’t want to learn the necessary workflow required before launching a campaign then Twitter’s Quick promote is for you. But what if you already have high engagement rates? People are going to listen to you because you have good brand value. A quick promote on twitter is very beneficial in such cases.

Twitter vs Facebook Ads

Both Twitter and Facebook are considered big bosses of online marketing platforms. Twitter has most of the young crowd ranging from 20 to 30. Both platforms have quite different objectives when it comes to serving people. Twitter helps us to make formal connections to speak out our mind, our opinions through tweets, retweets, videos, Gifs, etc. It covers the trending things happening across the world, all the news running through the media, etc. It lets its users to follow people of their interest(music, politics, sports, sports business, etc).

While Facebook is actually used to make friends and connections with people who you know. Twitter seems to be more formal as compared to Facebook. The way these two social networking platforms have been used for online marketing. Twitter wins over facebook as it has better audience targeting capability. Twitter’s unique keyword targeting functionality is very helpful to get the right audience for successful brand promotion. The hashtag functionality is also there on Twitter. This hashtag functionality allows users to find people sharing common interests. While on Facebook you can target users only by topics. When it comes to cost Twitter has both automatic and manual bidding functionality.

Facebook ads cost depends upon the level of competition among advertisers. If the audience is large the cost is going to be high. When it comes to user frequency then again Twitter wins over Facebook as Twitter has got above 330 million users while Facebook has only 2.1 billion users.

How to get more traffic through your content on twitter?

Twitter followers and engagements are two gems of digital marketing in today’s world. Do you want to know how to spread your message through this bird across the world? Let’s have a look:

#Eyes need much more than just plain text

It has been found out that tweets consisting of links of images, GIFs, videos have twice the engagement as compared to the plain texts. Try to upload high-quality pics. Try to put high contrast pictures with a good focal point. Bright colors are more attractive to human eyes.

Another thing that you should do is upload an image horizontally rather than vertically. Horizontal images have more impact.

#Be Mysterious

Whenever you have to share a blog link or a file then don’t mention the content in your tweet. Never use full 280 characters for your tweet. According to the latest research tweets with 100-140 characters get maximum engagement. Also, do not try to use very tough vocabulary, it should be simple and easy to understand. You don’t want your tweet to be a victim of the language barrier.


Tweets with hashtags receive two times more engagement as compared to tweets without hashtags. Just including hashtags won’t boil your rice. Your hashtags should be relevant to the content. The use of related and trending hashtags also increases engagement. But don’t exceed the limits and overuse them.    

#Effective communication

Effective communication is the key to engage the target audience. A continuous effort to share information via your account is the key to show people that you are there to listen to them. Engaging in tweets with your target audience shows your passion for your brand name. Acknowledging each and every user for their feedback and opinions builds trust.

Twitter cards

Twitter cards allow its users to embed images and videos into a tweet. It’s a smart way to make your tweet more eye-catching to audiences. Just like any other card, it looks like this. It’s beneficial for website promotion.

Twitter cards

It has four types:

(1) Summary card: It displays title, description, thumbnail. It is used mostly for sharing web links.

(2) Summary card with large image: It is similar to a summary card but displays a larger image. It is totally designed to make the UX/UI more appealing. The image is actually clickable which directs users directly to your website or blog.

Summary card with large image

(3) App card: It allows users to directly download the mobile app on their system.

App card

It has sections for the name, rating, and price. Either one can directly put the download links or one can make use of the download button provided by Twitter. 

(4) Player card: It displays audio/video/media content. We all are familiar with the fact that audio and video along with tweets provide high levels of engagement as compared to a normal plain text-based tweet.

audio and video along with tweets

How To Put Awesome Videos On Twitter?

Just by knowing the fact that video can make your engagement 10 times faster is not going to help you until you put some relevant content. Let’s jot down some points:

(1) Tell about the video: The text representing your video content should be appealing to users. You have to convince your targeted audience to watch your video. Proper hashtags with expressive emojis make your text more satisfying to users’ minds.

(2) Video duration: Engagement and video duration is related in a linear manner in the graph. At the backend, there is a short message you want to give to your target audience so try to make video short and precise as much as possible. It has been found that video content of duration less than 30 seconds gets maximum engagement.

(3) Video compatibility: Make sure that the video format should be generic. All the platforms running Twitter can also play the video. Sometimes due to unsupported video format, one has to download a third-party app that creates a problem. Videos should be compatible with the web as well as with mobile devices.

(4) Content matters: Content is the only real thing that you can have to show to someone. Content genre has a huge impact on your brand’s value. You can choose any genre from DIY(do-it-yourself) to success stories, there are lots of options available out there.

Videos views campaign on twitter

  • Make sure that you are logged in before starting a video campaign.
  • From the dashboard select “Create a new campaign” button and from the drop-down menu select Video views.
  • Set the start and end dates before running a campaign.
  • Compose your tweet by putting tweets, then put a video followed by a title. 

Tips For Better Audience Targeting

The primary aim of twitter business is to reach out to the potential audience. Twitter business provides different targeting options to business people.

1. Target the followers: Target the accounts which are already following similar accounts. This really helps in finding the desired community to which your brand belongs. You can target followers for your competitor’s page because chances are high that they are going to follow you.

2. Target through keyword: You can target your audience with the help of certain keywords. These keywords can be based on recent search items or can be a recent buzz word among people belonging to a particular community.

3. Emoji targeting: It’s similar to keyword targeting but with a minor difference. Emoji targeting involves people’s sensations. However, it’s a quite new marketing practice for many businesses.

Emoji targeting

People have started using emojis to express their thoughts rather than with texts as it is more expressive and easy to get through. Sometimes an emoji with a sentence can change the whole meaning of the sentence. People often use emojis to show their mood that they hey had when they wrote it. Above 92% of people across the world use emojis in sentences to be more expressive about their opinions.

4. Language targeting: The language targeting is a way to get to know about your audience’s language. Not everyone on twitter knows English. People are more into their respective national languages in some countries. In such cases, it becomes very important for businesses to translate their content which is mostly in the English language, to the user’s preferred language. It can be your tweets, your website, blog, etc.

Twitter Ads Eligibility Criteria

The advertisers should qualify certain criteria by Twitter in order to be eligible to use Twitter ads:

  • You should have a public profile, not a  private account.
  • Your twitter account should be more than 15 days old.
  • You should cross a threshold engagement before starting a campaign.
  • A clear good quality profile picture.

Time zones on Twitter ads

Twitter allows its users to select from many time zones available. It asks users to select a time zone according to the location and it is considered as the default time zone for all your online marketing campaigns. However, Twitter does not let its users to set different time zones for different campaigns. All your campaigns have to be set in the same time zone.

How To Change The Time Zone For Ads Account?

(1) Give in a support ticket by visiting

(2) Twitter will make your other ads account keeping the previous one.

(3) Now log in to your ads account.

(4) Select the country and time zone. Remember that it’s a one time process once a time zone has been set,  it can’t be changed over time. Your bidding and billing currency depends upon the country so it should be correct.

Welcome To Twitter Ads Manager

Twitter Ads Manager

Twitter ads manager is like a whole dashboard thing that you see in control rooms like in a nuclear reactor, radio station, etc. It has got all kinds of control knobs to set certain parameters, implement a functionality, view something on-screen, etc. It’s a central workspace to plan, manage and report on ads campaigns. Let’s have a look into some of its features.

Custom filters

Twitter Ads Manager

You can use campaign filters to find the campaigns, ad groups or ads you want to explore. Twitter gives you options to filter the campaigns depending upon certain parameters like Funding Source, Objective, status, campaign name. The coolest thing about this feature is that you can apply multiple filters at a time to be more precise.

Custom Metrics

Customer metrics show the result, cost per result, result rate by objective. Twitter gives you the option to select and unselect metrics.

Campaign structure

A campaign refers to a single advertising objective like tweet engagements. You can edit Campaign name, Campaign end date, Campaign daily budget, Campaign total budget. Then there are ad groups that define ways to manage your budget. You can set budget, targeting, and placement for each of your campaigns. A single campaign can have many ad groups and an easy ad group can have more than one tweet. You can edit name, end date, bid type, bid amount of your ad. 

MACT(mobile app conversion tracking)

Suppose you are running an app install campaign and you want to bid on app install, to do this you need a third party mobile conversion tracking partner configured to your twitter account. It really helps you to optimize cost-efficiency and return on investment. Advertisers must integrate with one of Twitter’s mobile measurement partners. Some mobile measurement partners are:

  • Adbrix
  • Adjust
  • Adways
  • AppsFlyer
  • Branch
  • CyberZ
  • Kochava
  • Singular
  • Yahoo! Japan

You must set up a mobile app conversion tracking partner to enable the measurement of the users that perform a desired action after viewing or engaging with your Twitter ads. After selecting your third party MACT partner one can track app installs and events to transmit to Twitter’s database. The SDK in your app sends the Twitter ad system conversion through your twitter ads account.

ADs Editor

It is a tool to manage and optimize campaigns in bulk. It is for those who have lots of campaigns running parallelly. If you don’t have campaigns in bulk it is recommended to go for Twitter’s standard campaign creation.

Editing Campaigns With Ads Editor

(1) From the ad’s editor download the excel sheet of the campaign you want to edit.

(2) Go to the spreadsheet and look for the column header comments for a description of what a column is going to control, formatting requirements and whether the column is required or not.

(3) Mention things you like about your campaign in its corresponding row.

(4) Save the file in your system and then upload it back to the platform.

(5) After doing the necessary validation you will see a  success notification on your screen.

Things Required For A New Campaign

  • Campaign ID: “new C1”, “new C2” in chronological order for each new campaign
  • Funding Source ID: input the correct funding source to use
  • Campaign Name: Must be new
  • Campaign Start Date
  • Delivery (Pacing): Choose standard or accelerated pacing
  • Total budget
  • Daily budget
  • Ad group ID: leave blank for new campaign
  • Campaign Objective
  • Ad group name
  • Ad group start time
  • Ad group placement
  • Optimization preference
  • Promoted Product time
  • Bid type
  • Bid amount
  • Bid pricing unit
  • Disclosure Text: Select “None” for all campaigns except political campaigns

Twitter’s Prohibited Content Policies

Advertisements that violate any of the following policies are globally prohibited:

Advertisements that violate any of the following policies are world-widely prohibited:

  • Adult Sexual Content
  • Copyright
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia
  • Endangered Species
  • Hateful Content
  • Illegal Products and Services
  • Inappropriate content
  • Malware and Software downloads
  • Prohibited Content for Minors
  • Quality
  • State Media
  • Tobacco and Tobacco accessories
  • Trademark
  • Unacceptable Business Practices
  • Weapon and Weapon Accessories

Restricted Content Policies

Twitter allows the promotion of products or services in the following categories with certain restrictions:

  • Alcohol Content: Twitter never allows anyone to promote a brand-related alcohol or any related substance. These restrictions have got layers depending upon the country to which the user belongs.
  • Financial Products and Services: Restricted promotion of Financial Products and Services are allowed on Twitter. Again these restrictions are based upon the country and the type of products.
  • Gambling Content: Twitter totally restricts any content related to gambling but in some countries, it is allowed.
  • Health and Pharmaceutical Products and Services: Twitter restricts the promotion of health and pharmaceutical products and services. Restrictions are based on the specific product or service being promoted, as well as the country that the campaign is targeting.
  • Political Content: Twitter permits political advertising, which includes political campaigning and issue advertising, but there may be additional country-level restrictions.

Billing Basics

Twitter’s billing process requires an active card detail attached with your account. You can choose one among many card options available by visiting Payment methods tabs on your home screen.

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Diners Club( only accepted in the United States)
  • JCB( JP YEN and USD)

Add a card to your ads account:

1. Log in to

2. Click on the account name in the top-right corner.

3. Select the payment methods from the dropdown menu.

4. Click on the Add new funding source.

5. Put your card number, expiration date, CVV, billing address and email address.

4. Click on proceed to confirmation and confirm.

5. Once you get approved you are good to go ahead.

Billing invoices

You can get your invoices by clicking on the Billing history on your ads account. Users get their invoices after 48 hours of payment for every billing cycle. The invoices include Name and Billing address. There is an invoice number associated with that address. It has got a unique ID to help you identify and manage your billing. It has got the date on which it was issued to you.

Why My Ads Are Not Getting Engagements?

(1) If you have not validated your payment card and have already started running an ad campaign, it is not going to serve your targeted audiences. 

(2) Your campaign might go into halt mode if you have reached your maximum credit limit.

(3) Your ads undergo a process of reviewing before going online. Because of some content violation, it might be under review process. This might be a reason for your low ad engagements.

(4) Your budget or bid might be too low. In such cases try to go for auto bidding which gives the best results at minimum cost.

(5) Your targeting might be in extremes either too wide or too narrow. Both practices lead to lower impressions.

Twitter’s New Video Bidding Feature

Twitter has recently put a new bidding option for advertisers to bid for the first 60 seconds of any video ad they want to show to users on the platform. This six-second video bidding feature is for Promoted videos, In-Stream video sponsorships, In-Stream Video Ads. People are more into watching videos these days, video consumption among users is all-time high because it provides instantaneous engagement for advertisements.

Threading By Tweet Storming

Sometimes we have much more in our heart to tell the world but Twitter’s character constraint stops us. But you can create multiple tweets, thread them together and post them by doing a single click on Twitter. It’s called threading. It has also named Tweet storming by the Twitter community. Let’s see how to create a thread:

  • Click on the tweet button to create a tweet.
  • Create your first tweet and add another tweet click on the plus (+)icon.
  • You can click on the trash icon to delete any tweet.
  • Now once you are done with all your tweets click on tweet all button to thread all the tweets and post them all at once.

Lately, Twitter has released a feature labeled as ‘show this thread’ which lest anyone see all the threads on a single page.

No Political Ads Allowed Further

Twitter’s CEO Jack Patrick Dorsey has announced that Twitter will not accept political advertisements from 22 NOV,2019. According to him, political advertisements are risky and could be dangerous.

We’ve made the decision to stop all political advertising on Twitter globally. We believe political message reach should be earned, not bought. Why? A few reasons…, he tweeted this on 30 Oct 2019. Have a look at his threads.

A political message earns reach when people decide to follow an account or retweet. Paying for reach removes that decision, forcing highly optimized and targeted political messages on people. We believe this decision should not be compromised by money.

While internet advertising is incredibly powerful and very effective for commercial advertisers, that power brings significant risks to politics, where it can be used to influence votes to affect the lives of millions.

Internet political ads present entirely new challenges to civic discourse: machine learning-based optimization of messaging and micro-targeting, unchecked misleading information, and deep fakes. All at increasing velocity, sophistication, and overwhelming scale.

We’re well aware we‘re a small part of a much larger political advertising ecosystem. Some might argue our actions today could favor incumbents. But we have witnessed many social movements reach a massive scale without any political advertising. I trust this will only grow.

In addition, we need more forward-looking political ad regulation (very difficult to do). Ad transparency requirements are progress, but not enough. The internet provides entirely new capabilities, and regulators need to think past the present day to ensure a level playing field.

A political message should be earned not bought. Who is going to decide what is political and what is not, that is the main concern floating around the public’s mind.

Twitter Ads Pricing

Whether it is a small business or a big one you can adjust your advertising campaign pricing according to your budget. This flexibility in advertising pricing makes Twitter a popular platform for digital marketing. Twitter gives advertisers complete control over the campaign’s budget. Billable action is a term that is quite famous among the advertiser community.

Every action of yours has a unique pricing on Twitter ads. You are charged after the action has been completed. The price per billable action is variable. There is an auction system, where advertisers bid on available ad space for the target audience. The level of ad engagement, size of targeted audience, number of advertisers targeting that specific audience, the bidding amount all these factors decide the end price you are supposed to pay for your advertising campaigns. Then there is a term called bid which is the amount one pays for billable actions(s) for the objectives you have selected. Your campaign is supposed to compete with other advertisers who are targeting the same audience. Its called Twitter Ads auction. Factors like your ad content and bid determines whether your ad will be served or not.

Twitter Ads Auction

Twitter Ads Auction

Unlike a normal auction, Twitter auction not only serves advertisers with higher bid but also the quality of ad they have got. The first stage is the campaign initiation. After you have started your campaign your campaign automatically enters to Twitter’s auction.

Ad Score

Ad score is another parameter followed by the advertising bid used by Twitter’s algorithm to select the winner of the auction. The quality of your add determines the Ad score, but not totally. The formula is, Ad score is equal(=) to quality score * bid.  Now the quality score is determined by the advertiser’s engagement history, target audience interest, freshness of the content. An advertiser with more Ad score wins the auction.

Twitter is an amazing platform for the growth of your business no matter its small or large, B2B or B2C, etc. It helps you to achieve parallelism in your business. Parallelism in business refers to achieving multiple goals at the same time. No matter what’s your budget Twitter lets you come up with innovative and creative ideas to reach your target audience and community. 

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