How To Use Twitter To Grow Your Business?

While marketing and advertising your brands and business on top social media networking sites, at some point, you probably thought if Twitter can also drive a fruitful result for your business. Could Twitter also grow your business, or it is just a platform to scroll its feeds?

The truth is, Twitter is one of the best social networking sites which can engage the audience for your business and can promote your brand globally.  Yes, Twitter can be a helpful tool to promote any business and to build new connections over the world as it has over 321 million monthly users. Its monthly users can explain it all.

Here, we are going to discuss the best ways to harness the social power of Twitter to gain followers, fans, and customers who are interested in your products and services. But before everything, it is necessary to set measurable goals- you need to outline that exact output you want from Twitter.

Set Goals:

With the excitement to market their business, people usually skip this trick, but no strategy can begin without setting any goals one want to accomplish. Without any target or milestones, you are more likely to make mistakes which can generate problems in between the marketing.

As per the influencers’ records, 41% of companies are not confident if their marketing on social media is bringing any real results. But, what might be the reason behind their lack of confidence. In most of the cases, they are not keeping track of any social media activity as they haven’t begun with the real goal.

The companies are just sharing their content on Twitter and hoping people will engage with it, which is actually baseless.  Posting content and sharing posts without any plan is not going to bring any result. As a business owner, it is important to decide milestones you want to reach so you can customize your posts as per the needs.

Data says that 65% of businesses face difficult challenges when it comes to generating traffic, leads, and marketing their content. Why not try Twitter to overcome this difficult situation?

Here are some examples of objectives you might want to reach with your Twitter account-

  • Generate more traffic.
  • Get Leads.
  • Build a business reputation.
  • Provide a quick service.
  • Gain popularity.
  • Build new connections worldwide.
  • Sell products.

Once you decide your goal for which you want to promote your business on Twitter, create a certain strategy for each one to accomplish them easily. Moreover, be sure to set a deadline for every goal; otherwise, you won’t be able to reach any target perfectly on time.

If you will set your goal or decide your objective, you will need to interact with the right target group.

Twitter Chats:

How to get more followers on Twitter is one of the main questions that come up while creating any plan. But the main thing you should focus on is how to gain exposure and to get more active Twitter followers. The number of followers does not matter if your followers are not engaging with you and your content.  It is very important to have interactive followers on your Twitter account rather than having a big community that does not show any interest in your updates.

To gain active followers on your Twitter account, Twitter chats are there that can resolve a lot of the challenges with a few taps. Chat on Twitter with different people of different tastes and interests to simply grow your following and drive the attention of users who have more popularity than you.

Use Twitter to talk to one another and have a good conversation about the topics they are interested in. Speak out your opinion, and share your interest. People don’t just follow you to view your content, people use Twitter to talk about new things and share new ideas.

Users who are engaging with you through chat and are interested in your thoughts are the one who will retweet your posts, reply to your posts, and get your account out to their audiences too. This is the reason to use Twitter chats in the industry and jump into a conversation. Giving a reply to people and answering others to resolve their queries can show a better response.

Also, you can look for the influencers in your chats- this can evaluate your content to a large group of people.

If you cannot find any chat on Twitter, you can start your own and can add people to your conversation. You can take the lead to start any topic, and others will add fuel to it to make it more interactive and engaging.

While starting a conversation, make sure not to share any biased thoughts as it can drop a negative impact on you.

Once you build robust connections from various chats, make sure to follow them, add them to favorite and retweet their content.  Engage with their talks and conversations. The major key to start through Twitter chats is to build a relationship with people, so they will remember you and your business/brands you are promoting.

Respond to everyone’s action on Twitter chats, retweets, sharing and comments-this will prompt consumers to buy your services or products you are selling, according to influencers.

People will interact with your content if it’s conversational, meaningful, engaging, inspiring, humorous, and unique. Once you are posting interesting and interactive content, you will be required to manage a schedule for your tweets.

Tweet Strategy and Schedule:

Creating a schedule for posting content on the Twitter account is an excellent way to manage Twitter for business. Keep your Twitter post schedule in your mind when you adding to your editorial content calendar. Do not forget to add tweet links to your content. Post multiple times as posting a single time could be a big mistake that can drop your account down from its actual position.

Tons of brands post their content daily, so reposting content could bring the best results. Reposting is important if you want to engage people with your content – not everyone will see your content if you only post it once.

Moreover, it is also important to make a space between your tweets so that you can be on people’s timeline with a good impression.  But how do you know a good time to tweet? There are thousands of third-party tools which can help you to know the exact time to share content on a digital platform.

Third-party tools tell you when to tweet by finding out at what time the audience is more active.

Moving forward, with making the strategy of content for each day of the week and resharing it, you should also plan seasonal post for your target audience.

For instance, you should start thinking about the tweets for the festive season like content for Christmas, you should start creating themed posts for Halloween. You can share unique and interactive seasonal content with hashtags like #Halloween, #Christmas and more which are trending.

Use Twitter Ads:

twitter ads

Never forget to promote your tweets, here is how to do it-

Use Twitter ads to promote your content, tweets, posts exponentially. There are three types of Twitter ads:

  • Promoted Tweets
  • Promoted Accounts
  • Promoted Trends

Promoted Tweets:

Promoted tweets are the regular tweets for which you can pay to display them to users who are not following you or not added to your Twitter account. With promoted tweets, you can easily reach users who don’t know about your business and brands. You can also share your best content that is doing well online with the new people who are not connected with you through Twitter.

Tweets generated through promoted tweets show up in the search results and in the timeline of the people you have targeted.

Promoted Accounts:

Promoted accounts highlight you in the crowd so that you can gain followers easily. With promoted accounts, your posts, content, and retweets show up on the users’ timelines, who to follow section, and in the search results. Moreover, they also introduce an even wider variety of accounts from different places.

Promoted Trends:

Trending topics display on the discover tab, Twitter app, and on the left-hand side of the dashboard. With promoted trends, you can simply promote a hashtag. When user will click on the hashtag, they will be able to view a promoted tweet from your account before any other tweets with hashtags.

They show users’ time and context. Promoted trends appear at the top of the trending topics list on Twitter and are marked as “Promoted.”

Ad Campaigns:

You can also choose Twitter ads campaigns to promote your business and brand based on your goal. You can select which results you want to pay for within each ad campaign.

Ad Campaigns

You can simply pay to promote tweets, you only pay for each initial engagement per user, but only pay if someone interacts with your tweet.

Check out different ad types:

Followers: Here, you can promote your account and pay for each follower.

Awareness: Awareness ads promoted your tweets to a broad audience, you pay for impressions here.

Video views: In this type of ad, you pay for the number of users who view your video on your account.

Website clicks/conversions: Here, you simply pay per click means promote tweets to people who want to visit your site.

In ads campaigning you pay for everything -each lead you collected, followers, views you got on your account and videos.

Twitter Video:

From all the above methods, one of the best tricks to harness social media power is video. Video is conquering the major place in the content world, and advertisers are spending a lot on videos to increase their value in the industry.

There are multiple options for using videos on Twitter, and native videos are the one among others. This feature allows you to record your videos of 140 seconds and upload on Twitter. Another option you can choose is Periscope. Periscope is a live-streaming service that Twitter owns and live streams on Periscope will show up in the feeds to your Twitter followers.

User can download and save your videos from the Twitter account after the live stream ends. Adding videos to your marketing strategy would not be a waste of time, even it will ensure your visibility for a longer period of time.

Video advertising is taking off on Twitter:

  • There are over 2 billion views on Twitter videos each day, which is 67% growing according to Twitter’s data.
  • Tweets with video gets 10 times more engagement than tweets without video.
  • Promoted tweets with videos save more than 50% cost per-engagement.


Source Url:


If you only use video in your marketing, it can grow audience engagement at more affordable price than paying advertisements.

What kinds of video are working well in Twitter Ads?


Keep Twitter video mobile-friendly: As per the data, 93% of video views happen on mobile, so ensure to make your content mobile-friendly. Use closed captioning or subtitles in case viewers are watching it without sound. Test your videos to make sure they look perfect on mobile devices.

Call-To-Action (CTA): Adding a CTA button while advertising your product can generate 2 times higher click on videos than mobile video ad benchmarks.

Run Contests:

From paying to ads to adding video on your Twitter account, contests are something that directly hit your target to actually generate some revenue from the customers. Twitter contests can turn your followers into your customers, not only customers, it will convert them into paying customers.

There is no limit that how many contests you want to run on your Twitter account, here you have the freedom to do what you like and what can accomplish your goal.

You could start a contest of art, creative speech, and so much more. Moreover, you can also add some offers and discounts to your brand or product you are selling. It will weigh up users interest on your content and will lead to the best result.

Give your followers a reason to talk about you, nudge them with something that can bring the fruitful result for your and for them. Here you need to play not only for you but also for your followers, and target group.

As a business owner, it is always best to run a contest type based on marketing goals, advertising opportunities through which you can achieve your goal.

Read on to learn how to run a Twitter contest from beginning to an end.

  1. Decide the contest type
  2. Select a reward
  3. Create the contest
  4. Promote the contest
  5. Keep an eye on the contest
  6. Follow up


 1. Decide the contest type:

You will be required to decide the kind of contest you want to run as which contest can help you to achieve your goal. If you want to grow your email list, then playing a quiz could be a great idea, but if you want to grow engagement on your content, then you must run a contest that can attract audience towards your content like sharing.

2. Select a reward:

Selecting a reward is a challenging task as you can cross your budget every time, but you cannot also take down your reputation down with some simple reward.

Select a prize that can motivate the participants to engage with your contest. Ensure to offer a prize that relates your industry or brand.

3. Create the contest:

Make an entry page of your contest easy to run or access. If the form or page is difficult, user can skip it to participate or fill up the form.

4. Promote the contest:

Once you have created the contest, now it is the time to share it on several platforms to let others know about it. Promote the contest through a series to drive users’ attention.

Here are some ways through which you can promote your contest to get the best out of it:

  • Share the contest on multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Prepare a professional email about the contest and share it with your customers and business connections.
  • Make a Twitter ad to reach the users who are added to your Twitter’s friend list- explain them everything through a paid ad.
  • Leverage the power of media by creating a press release and explain everything regarding the contest and its prize. Share it with other big brands and organizations.
  • You can add a banner about the contest to your site with the basic details like its time, place target group and more.

5. Keep an eye on the contest:

Do not skip a regular check on the contest, monitor everything, and observe the response you are getting from it. See if you are really meeting your goals or not. This way, you can change and adjust the thing in the contest in real time if it is not working as expected.

You can use Google Alerts to monitor your contest – here you just need to set up an alert through a simple process.

6. Follow up:

Once the contest is done, and the winner is announced, you need to keep the buzz up in the media. Take advantage of the contest’s news and promote your coming updates and Twitter account. Don’t miss the chance to make your name in the industry through the contest.

You can do this by simply who was the winner on your Twitter account and other platforms you are using. Here, you can also make the use of media to write about the winner and your contest in the press. This way, you can drive users attention towards you and your brand you are promoting on Twitter.

Now you have got the answer that yes, Twitter is a helpful tool to grow your customer base, but only if it is used in the right way. While marketing your business on Twitter, you need to focus on certain things like how to set up a goal before creating a strategy, if you actually need a fruitful result.

Do not overwhelm your strategy with so many challenges, keep your challenges short and achieve them by step by step. Once you set a right goal, you will have to outline why you are using Twitter in the first place. Your goal will surely keep you on track. Moving forward, make out best from the chats and start conversations that can connect you with the new networks, also use Twitter ads if you are ready to spend some money, promote tweets, accounts and create industry-related trends. Spend on the ad that can meet the goal and can drive some special kind of attention from users.

Don’t miss videos, as a video is the new king in the market. Share video to impress your audience quickly. Hold a contest, promote it on other social networks, throw a buzz in the market once the contest is closed.

Automate your efforts as there is no rule that you can use automatic services to grow your online business, it will help you to save your energy, time, and cost.

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