How To Use Twitter Analytics To Grow Your Engagement?

Twitter is a brilliant source of information and updates that keep us connected with everything happening around.  Twitter’s 139 million daily active users interact with brands on the networks. From retweeting content to adding tweets to favorite, from showing ads to purchasing products, Twitter directly impacts the marketing strategies. But if you are not using Twitter analytics, then you are missing out the important factors and insights that could help you refine your strategy and maximize ROI.

In this article, you will get to know everything about Twitter analytics, metrics to track and the ways to track them-

How To Use Twitter Analytics?

Using Twitter analytics can help you to boost your business engagement and brand awareness among the millions of people in the right ways. Twitter analytics tells you everything about the engagement rate, statistics and other activities that you have performed on your account. However, you have more insight into your Twitter account metrics, but still, you might be not using the analytics in the right way.

How To Access Twitter Analytics

Possibly, you have used the Twitter analytics homepage and explored all about the track impressions and metrics by promoted or organic activity- this is all about Twitter analytics.  Moreover, here the best part is as much as you discover in your Tweet activity dashboard, you get the supreme choices to do on your account- here you just need to know where to look and how to make its best use.

Read on to know the procedure of accessing Twitter analytics and its other features that would tell you everything about your growth over the social network and business.

How To Access Twitter Analytics?

You can access Twitter analytics by simply tapping on the more option located at the left side of the main page. From there, a list of options will pop-up on your screen. There, simply select the “Analytics” option to proceed with the features you want.

Once you click on the analytics option, you will be taken on a new page where you will find all the content to explore including Tweets, Tweet impressions, Profile visits and Followers.

How to Explore More On Analytics’ Page?

There are different options representing statistical data and facts regarding the content you have shared on Twitter account. Here are the options you will find on the Twitter analytics page-

Twitter Engagement:

Twitter engagement refers to the retweets, follows, replies, favorites, and clicks your tweets avail including the hashtags and links. Here, Twitter Engagement Rate is equal to your tweets’ engagement separated by the number of impressions those tweets have made.

Twitter Engagement

Moreover, it would help you in understanding which type of content and topics your targeted audience enjoy a lot. From here, you can also get to know about the content that is not able to engage the audience and improve business sales.

On the Tweet tab, you will see Impressions, Engagements, and Engagement rate for your every tweet including the paid and organic posts.

Note:  “Engagement includes all activity on the tweet: retweets, follows, replies, favorites, and all click from within the tweet.”

Knowing which type of content and item getting more engagement on Twitter is the best thing for your marketing strategies and business growth.

Twitter Impression:

Twitter engagement is the total number of likes, replies, clicks, follows and retweets whereas Twitter impression is completely a different thing. The impression is always counted on a tweet every time it appears on the user’s Twitter feed. Therefore, if you have posted 45 tweets and your followers saw your tweet, means that tweet has made 45 impressions.

Twitter Impression

Twitter impression actually tells how many times your tweet appears on others timeline and how many times those users have interacted with your tweet.  

Tweet Activity:

Tweet Activity is a part of your Twitter Analytics dashboard that allows you to see various metrics associated with your tweets’ performance in a chart form. Here, you can see Tweet Activity for all of your tweets, retweets and the activities performed over your tweets. But many people have questions that what is the exact use of Twitter activity as people get confused between Twitter engagement and tweets activity as they think that both tell about engagement. However, both the sections are completely different as Twitter Engagement is to know everything about the audience response you are getting, and Twitter activity is for the activities you are doing on your Twitter account.

Apart from this, you can analyze tweet activity in two different methods: in groups of tweets during a set date range, or by the specific tweets since their creation.

Understanding Twitter analytics could help you to find what you actually looking for to market your brand and business. Here, you can learn about the activities and the content which are attracting the users most and the things which you should not perform over the channel to get instant engagement.

Moving forward, Twitter analytics is not restricted to Tweet activity or the engagement rate, but it also helps you to know about the number of people who visits your account and the number of followers you are having on your profile.

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