How To Use Hashtags On IGTV Successfully?

Instagram TV-IGTV is a well-known platform which enables you to post hour-long videos in a vertical format. The channel was started with the aim of providing a convenient source to share videos over the platform, but it fails to achieve the goal Instagram expected. Still, IGTV has tons of options with which users could enjoy the channel and can promote their business/company.

But, posting entertaining, informative and relatable content on IGTV is not enough to engage a large audience, even if you already have a significant audience. You always have to make some special efforts to keep your existing audience engaged with your profile and videos. There are a number of ways through which you can maintain the consistency of engagement over IGTV and hashtags are one of them that can support you to build an idealistic reputation on the channel.

Hashtags could let you discover new content, but also provide you multiple opportunities to make your posts and profile more visible on the channel. Moreover, it also makes it easily available to the people who have never heard about your brand before. Along with the use of every hashtag, you need to ensure its reliability with the brand you are promoting or the video you are sharing. You cannot just select any hashtag on your post- if you use irrelevant hashtags on your posts, then it could dropdown the effect of your video.

In this post, we will be discussing the tricks of using the right hashtags at the right time, benefits of hashtags as well as the top famous tags you can make use of. Head to the post and grab the quick information about hashtags for IGTV.

How To Use Hashtags On IGTV?

Hashtags are an important aspect of online marketing strategies as it helps to boost the posts’ online visibility and make your content more discoverable to the users. Therefore, it is important to make the use of hashtags in a proper way with the right strategy.

Before choosing the hashtags for your video, you must first do complete research in order to search for the hashtags that are relevant to your video- you need to choose the most popular hashtags for your content if you really want to draw users’ attention.

There are four different types of hashtags categories you can select from that can fulfill the particular purpose. Content IGTV hashtags simply highlight what your video is all about, whereas the industry hashtags are always related to the type of business you are running. Means you need to be specific while selecting the hashtags for your video content while performing for the business purpose.  

Branded tags on IGTV refer to your brand and they could contain the name of your company that is directly relatable to your business. The fourth category of hashtags on IGTV is the targeted hashtags that are simply directed towards the audience you would like to engage with your content.  Each video and content you share to your IGTV profile is slightly different therefore you should select the hashtags yourself when you add them to an IGTV video carefully. Moreover, you can also add more than thirty hashtags at a time to a video you post on IGTV.

Adding hashtags to the description section in your IGTV videos is also a great way to accomplish the goal you are looking for. If you add hashtags to the description section, then it will make the video more visible to other users of the channel and will allow them to showcase their interest in your product or brand you are promoting. This will let them discover the content on your channel easily.

Moving forward, IGTV also has a “For You” category where video recommendation is displayed as per the account and hashtags you follow. And if you want the channel to recommend your content to its users, then you can include the hashtags in the description for the particular video or the content.

Apart from this, you can also post a photo or a short version of your IGTV video on your Instagram account and can make the use of same hashtags you used in the description of the video you have posted on your IGTV channel. This is an excellent method to boost the number of views and followers on your IGTV videos. Moreover, this will allow you to reach other people more quickly and sell your service more frequently.

The Most Popular Hashtags You Can Use In 2019:

However there are no restrictions regarding using a particular hashtag, but there are some hashtags that are banned by Instagram and shouldn’t be used by you. You must know the difference between the hashtags you should use or which you should not.

And there are still some hashtags you can use in all the videos you share on IGTV, here, take a look at the most popular hashtags that you can use on your IGTV videos-  

#igtv – Arguably, it is one of the most used hashtags that can be used in both Instagram and IGTV posts that could promote IGTV videos and posts on IGTV.  Alternatively, you can make use of hashtags such as  #igtvcontent, #igtvchannel, or #igtvcreator in all the videos you add to your channel on IGTV.

#igtvfollow – Nudge people to interact with your videos to start following you,  through adding this hashtag to all your posts on IGTV. Additionally, you can add #seemyigtv or #followmyigtv hashtags to gain more followers.

#igtdaily – Sharing new content to your IGTV channel on a regular basis is important and if you want to let people know that you have posted new content, then this hashtag is an ideal choice.

#igtvart – If you are generating artistic content, then possibly this is one of the best hashtags you can use. Moreover, if you are a musician, then you can make use of #igtmusic hashtag to attract new followers. Moving forward, it is not difficult to run your IGTV channel as there are tons of features that make the channel convenient for everyone. The channel is an amazing source through which you can reach the maximum audience quickly with the great content and popular hashtags. Adding hashtags is one of the best methods you can use in your marketing strategies to promote your videos. Using right hashtags at the right time could get you a good number of likes and quick engagement on your videos. Therefore, explore, create, and establish your identity on IGTV and other social media channels.

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