Secure Your Instagram Without Going Private

Instagram has over a billion users that make the platform one of the best social media websites. Instagram users share photos and videos to interact with their friends and family. This is a great platform to engage with people globally, but some users face privacy issues like inappropriate comments, unwanted DMs and sometimes scams. If you have experienced the same problems, you can set up the platform private, but going private on Instagram will limit your reach, and your posts will be shared with the limited people only. No new user or visitor would be able to interact with your posts, which could drop a negative impact on you if you are running a business.

But here are some best and easy alternatives applicable with which you can secure your Instagram account without going private.

1. Avoid Providing Phone Number:

Avoid Providing Phone Number

 When you set up an Instagram account, there are multiple fields that you need to fill including your username, email, and phone number. You need to complete the fields by adding your name and email, but providing the phone number is not mandatory, therefore always avoid to provide your contact number if you really want to stay private.

Instagram has a “Find Friends” feature that gives suggestions according to your contact list and Facebook friends. This feature will let others find you through your contact number, so to keep your account secure from others, avoid adding your personal contact number.

Note:- Avoid setting up your Instagram account through Facebook as it can make you more searchable through which unwanted people can reach you easily.

2. Activity Status Should Be Turned Off:

Activity status is an Instagram feature which is denoted by the green dot along with your profile picture. This feature shows anyone who looks at your profile whether you are online or not. If you turn off your activity status, then others will not be able to know about your online presence. It is a useful feature when you do not want to get disturbed by anyone. Activity status can be turned On/Off from the settings section easily.

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3. Maintain Your Follower’s List:

Maintain Your Follower's List

The follower’s list is necessary to maintain when you don’t want to interact with unknown people on your social media platform. You should only follow those users with whom you feel secure and comfortable in sharing images and videos. You should block unknown followers who can harm your privacy. When you filter your followers’ list, you will get the list of genuine followers on your account.

You can also share your posts and stories as per your preferences – Instagram has a feature which enables you to share stories and posts only with close friends. It will reduce the chances of getting your post affected by unknown users.

4. Use Two-Factor Authentication:

Two-factor authentication is one of the best features to secure the Instagram account. This feature keeps your account and private information safer. If you really want to keep your Instagram more secure, you should enable two-factor authentication on your account.

If someone login to your Instagram account, you will get a verification code on your phone number or email. The person can’t log into the account without verification code which means this extra layer of security will not allow others to access the account without your permission.  

5. Share Carefully:

If you want to keep your information private and Instagram account secure, then you should be careful while sharing any personal posts like the active location, medicines bottle with your name and prescriptions on them, about your family, and more. Sharing identifiable information posts can harm your personal space, therefore, think and watch carefully what you are sharing at the global platform.

6. Keep Location Services Off:

Keep Location Services Off

If you kept Instagram’s location services active, your post would be tagged from the location you posted it from. This feature is turned off by default but if you have turned it on to showcase your business/creations with more impact, try to turn it off while sharing the personal posts.

With these tactics, it is simpler than ever to keep your Instagram account secure and safe from the people who are spying on you. These tactics are the better options to go with as you can secure your information without hiding the entire Instagram profile.

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