How To Hide Favorites On Twitter?

Twitter is one of the outstanding sources of information and a powerful network for news. It has been years now, and Twitter still has an amazing impact on its users. Among all the popular social networks, Twitter has created its strong image which makes it’s unique in the industry.

With this amazing channel, you can reach your goal and can increase your online visibility. Twitter is an open platform which has tons of options for its users such as,  setting up your profile private, retweets, likes, replies, favorites and more. Each and every feature of Twitter makes it more mesmerizing and perfect as it has enhanced its every feature as per the advanced time zone.

Moreover, in addition to retweeting, you can save tweets by marking them “Favorite”. Favorited tweets have a star icon next to them which makes them unique from other tweets. And the best part is that Twitter gives you the liberty to protect your favorite tweets if you do not want other people to see them.

When you protect your account and set up privacy, then only your approved followers can see your Tweets and Favorites.

Unfortunately, you cannot hide your favorite tweets from your followers-there is no way to selectively hide favorite tweets. All you can do to hide your favorite tweets is you can delete them all from your account.

Read on the article and learn the way to hide favorites tweets on Twitter-

Hide Favorite Tweets:

1. Sign In Twitter:

Sign in to your Twitter account in the preferred web browser and then and click the Gear icon on your profile page.

2. Select Settings:

Now, select “Settings” option from the drop-down menu to open the “Account” page. Navigate to the “Tweet Privacy” section of the “Account” page.

3. Protect My Tweets:

Moving forward, you will be required to click the “Protect My Tweets” checkbox. After this, you will be prompted with a message box, enter your account password to confirm that you want to protect your Tweets.

4. Save The Changes:

Once you are done with the above options, click “Save” to return to your profile page and save all the changes that you have made. This will now display a notice that the Protect Tweets setting is active.

Delete Favorites:

1. Select Favorites:

Here, you need to select the “Favorites” option on your profile page to see tweets you have marked favorite.

2. Click Unfavorite Option:

Move the cursor over the Tweet you want to mark unfovorite and click the “Favorited” link next to that tweet.

3. Refresh The Page:

Now, simply refresh the page after which your favorited tweets will no longer appear in the list of Favorites.

There are times when we don’t want to show our favorited tweets to others, therefore we make strategies to hide them. But here, you don’t have to go through a bunch of planning as Twitter allows you to hide tweets through the account settings. However, Twitter does not allow you to hide tweets from your followers, here you have only one option that is deleting the favorited tweets from your account.

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