How To Connect Twitter Account With Facebook Profile?

In case you’re considering connecting the two most famous internet based life stages that are Facebook and Twitter, at that point, you should experience and investigate the two sides of the coin. Connecting Twitter and Facebook has its own advantages and disadvantages and various impact on the users which we will discuss further in the article.


1. Spares Time:

It is wise to post and re-post your content on every social networking site is the best option that can be every single web-based life. But, one best option you can avail to post your content if you want to secure your time that is posting the content on two different platforms at the same time.

When you connect your Facebook account with Twitter, your content gets shared on both the platforms automatically.

It makes it convenient for you to share your content to the maximum people like the followers on Twitter and the friends on Facebook both get to see the content posted by you. Also, it increases the probability to get more likes and engagement of your target group on your post.

2. Great Exposure:

Cross-posting of content on different social networking sites not only open your path to reach the maximum audience but also let you touch the great exposure. It introduces you to many new opportunities likes connection with sponsors, different companies as well as medium through which you can market your brand and business in the online market.


1. Inappropriate Format:

Every single internet based life has its own arrangement. In this way, connecting both the stages, unquestionably means cross-posting would occur. For instance, In the event that you post something on Twitter with so many hashtags on which Twitter content is dependent get also shared on Facebook. But with such a large number of hashtags, if it gets shared on Facebook, your content’s credibility could get down as people on Facebook are not used to of so many hashtags in the content.

2. Posting At The Off-Base Time:

Every web-based life stage has a perfect time to post to pick up augment the presentation. In case, you cross-post, then it might be possible that the people are not available on the website due to which your content could get skipped by the viewers.

This is one of the biggest drawbacks as if your target audience skipped your content; then it would be completely wasted to post content on different platforms.

Connect Twitter Account With Facebook Profile:

You can connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts so that your Tweets and Retweets will get posted on the Facebook wall as well. Read on the article an see who it is done-

  • Log in to the Twitter account from your desktop.
  • Go to the “Settings” option located in the Apps tab.
  • Click the “Connect to Facebook” option.
  • In case, you are not logged in to Facebook already; then you would be prompted to provide your Facebook login credentials. Enter your correct credentials and then click “Log in” option to simply sign in to Facebook.
  • After this, you will receive a prompt explaining that Twitter will receive certain information from your Facebook account. To simply continue, you must select “Continue as” with the Facebook account name.
  • Moving forward, you will be prompted with a pop-up message asking to select the privacy settings for who will see you Tweets and Retweets posted to your Facebook wall.
  • Click “Ok” to complete the procedure.
  • Now, your Tweets and Retweets will not be posted to your Facebook profile automatically, and your username will be displayed there as well.

   “Replies will not be posted on the Facebook wall.”

Connect Twitter Account To A Facebook Page:

If you are running a Facebook fan page or are admin of one, you can post Tweets and Retweets from your Twitter account to your Facebook page easily. Let us take a look-

  • You need to follow the same steps that you have followed while connecting your Twitter account with your Facebook profile.
  • Further, visit your “Apps Settings” and allow Twitter to “manage pages” and “publish pages” permissions for your Facebook profile.
  • In the settings feature, you need to select the Facebook page, which you like to connect with Twitter.
  • Once you receive a message or get prompted, click to “Allow permission” in order to simple post to the selected Facebook page. That’s all. You have successfully connected your Twitter account with the Facebook page.

Utilize this strategy to discover your Facebook companions on Twitter effortlessly. Every one of your contacts will be effectively imported, and you can appreciate interfacing your companions on both the stages. It will enable you to remain refreshed with every one of your companions, and you won’t pass up whatever is being shared by them on both of the two stages

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