How Instagram Is Changing Hotels And Restaurants?

Instagram has changed the living style of people and made things more photogenic. With more than  40 million photos posted daily and 55 percent of 18 to 30-year-olds signed up, one small app has changed the restaurant scene in multiple ways.

With the help of this small photo/video sharing platform, you can let the world know what you are eating, what places you are visiting and even where you are staying. As the popularity of the app has changed the way we think while selecting the place for food. Now we see plates’ design to continue with food, wall shaded to enter the place and many more, as the images of food and place should attract the viewers on Instagram. Not only the food plate, but people also see the lighting setup and sitting arrangement so that they can have good pictures to upload on the platform. It is incredible how social media platforms are changing the living style of humans. Millennials love taking pictures of food they order and exciting dishes to make a perfect look on Instagram.

Tatiana, a 25-year-old lady, said, she looks for the dish’s design while choosing food items for order as she hates to show typical food pictures on Instagram. She continued with the interview and said that before visiting hotels and restaurants, she generally goes on Instagram to make her choice. She loves to post daily on the platform and look for the things which are trending.

Instagram Food Images- Italy

“The glorious image was taken in Italy which reached thousands of likes within a month just because of the fascinating food picture and its design. “

The young generation is fascinated with Instagram which pushes them to share photos and videos. This fantasy not only introduces the person to the public but also increase the popularity of the place they visited. Users share photos of the place they visited which indirectly advertise the place without owners’ efforts. Sharing of food images on Instagram account somehow results in the growth of customers to a particular restaurant.

A hotel in Milan, Italy has brought tables from Norway, lighting fixtures from Prague and designer utensils from Cuba which make the restaurant quite unique. The owner said that he noticed his customers how they were taking pictures of the place and food to share on Instagram. This excitement of customers pushed him to change the interior of the restaurant.

How Hotels And Restaurants Are Getting Benefitted From Instagram?

Hotels and restaurants are nowadays making their interior and dishes quite photogenic so that they can attract millennials. As young people are keen to show every moment of their life on social media like what they eat, where do they visit, and what they love the most? Most of the restaurants and hotels have made their page on Instagram to know about their customers’ requirements, feedback, and expectations. They are now taking help from Instagram’s influencers and interior designers so that they can attract more customers.  Here are some examples of how restaurant and hotel owners are pushing themselves into the world of customers’ Instagram fantasy to grow their business.

There is a restaurant named Po Chi Lam which has two branches in California and has a solid Instagram presence. They mainly deal with large burgers and simple breakfasts.  Most of their clients are young ladies as the photos of the hotel get them a good number of likes and engagement.

Restaurant and hotel owners believe that they are getting their goals accomplished through the photo-sharing app. In the past time, they needed to interact with people verbally to tell about their restaurants which hardly brought the customers. But the app made it easy to attract the customers from every corner. Moreover, now they just have to provide beautifully designed dishes and colorful surrounding to their customers to make them happy and satisfied.

Miami - the gorgeous place with amazing food

“Plates filled with yummy donuts and salads looking a great combination of diet and hunger. This image was taken in Miami – the gorgeous place with amazing food.”

For millennial, an Instagram photo and the caption from a friend is much more influential than a review. As per the previous records, 30% of 18-35-year-olds avoid restaurants and places which are not present on Instagram, and 70% of business on restaurant comes from social media platforms.

It shows that reviews which come from newspapers and magazines are now losing their influence over young people. In this century, users are more influenced by the engagement of a place on Instagram.

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