How to delete comments on Instagram app?

Steps to remove comments on Instagram:

① Click on the “Comments” button to see all the comments.

comment button


② Select the comment you want to remove.

select comment


③ A “Delete” icon will appear.

④ Click on the “Delete” option to delete the comment.


There are times when you post a comment and then realize that something has gone wrong with it. You might misspell the word or name the wrong person, or even you have posted on the wrong post. Fortunately, Instagram enables you to delete comments, which is really easy to do; at first, click on the comments button to see the comments on your post. Comment page will get displayed on your screen. Tap on the comment you desire to delete. Swipe left on the comment and a trashcan will appear. Click on that trashcan and two options will pop out, viz; “delete or cancel”, click on delete and the comment will be deleted. That’s it!

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