How to Contact Instagram Support As A Normal User?

Steps To Contact Instagram Support:

Login Instagram account.




 Head to your profile and click on “Settings”.


Instagram settings


 Click on “Privacy and Security” option.


privacy and security


 Scroll down the page and click on “Support” located below ” Privacy and Safety Help”.


privacy and security help


Scroll down the page and select one of the options located below “Reporting content you don’t like.”


reporting content you dont like


 Select a category on the left side of the page.


abuse and spam


Depending on your chosen problem, answer the questions, navigate the drop-down menu, or fill out the form for the further preference.

Note: (Each issue has a different form to fill out).

There are times when you need to contact Instagram Support to report any issue you are having with your Instagram account. Attempt the following steps to contact Instagram Support;  Log in to your Instagram account via Click on your profile and select the “Settings” option.  Further, click on “Privacy and Security.” Scroll down and look for the “Support” option located below “Privacy and Safety Help.” Look for the issues you need to report. The best and easy steps to contact Instagram support are covered in this tutorial, but in case you encounter any difficulty or problem while attempting the steps, write us in the comment section.

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