How You Can See Private Instagram Account


Instagram comes with a ton of features to make new friends and stay connected with them, and it also has some privacy features. These features can definitely help someone stay isolated in the world of limited people and sharing all the pictures and videos to them.

An individual is able to turn on the “Private Profile” feature from the setting, and now, you have to approve Follow requests. It can lead to better privacy. However, there are many times when you want to take a sneak peek into someone’s account but that account is private, and you can’t check that out.

Making a “Follow Request” is also not an option and you want to check their profile without letting them know.If you are really willing to get into someone’s profile and check it out, then don’t worry and take a deep breath! In this post, you will learn about Private Instagram Viewer and how it can help.

Obviously, this guide won’t suggest to hit the “Follow” button and waiting for he approval. The below given are some easy, reliable and convenient method which can come in handy and help you out. All the methods mentioned are safe and doesn’t require any Hack or Tool. So, let’s get started now.

1. Create a Fake Profile

In case, you don’t want to show your identity to that person whose profile you want to check then creating a fake profile is the better alternative with the higher effective rate. However, there are a few basic things that you must follow when you create an account.

Always create a fake account with the unique but simple name that is eye catchy and the target is going to find it real.

  • Seeing Girl’s Private Profile

If you want to check out a girl account, prefer creating two accounts. Try with a boy account where you should get a display picture from google and add some photos to the account to make it look real.

After filling the profile, you should give it a few days because you have to make the profile look old. Make sure that you fill the bio, use a good profile picture and have few numbers of followers and following. It is surely a typical and time-consuming thing, but you can use it.

The other tip to keep in mind is to avoid following people who can be mutual with the target. In such cases, the target may not accept your follow request. Now, send a follow request and keep in mind that you don’t follow your real account from the fake one otherwise it can be troublesome.

Wait for the follow request approval and if the target is not accepting it then send a message that can make her check it and consider chatting with you. Chatting a few times can lead to trust gain, and you may get the request accepted. It is not a big deal, and when you use it, you will find that it is absolutely easy.

If this method doesn’t work, then you have an alternative of creating a profile with the girl’s name. Follow the above given guidelines again and make a “Follow Request.” This time, you have to be lucky because most of the girls who want to live isolated accepts girls’ follow requests and it can work in many cases.

Seeing Girl’s Private Profile


  • Seeing Boy’s Private Profile

The above-given method works perfectly, but if you want to get into a boy’s Instagram profile, then the method is quite different and absolutely easy. Boys hardly reject the beautiful girl’s friend request. You can create an account with a couple of photos but make sure that you keep the account private this time.

Apart from this, you should use many pictures of the same model to make the profile look genuine. Don’t try to add photos of a well-known model. Just focus on the couple of photos that are simple, but the girl is looking absolutely beautiful. Try to keep the profile picture very simple, and everything is done.

As you can find that the method to trick a girl is really long and require the consideration of many factors. Due to this particular reason, you should stay selective and avoid making any mistake which can set you on any issue. Both the methods are effective but are there any easy methods? Let’s check out one more method.

Seeing Boy’s Private Profile

2. Private Instagram Profile Viewer Tools

Despite the methods mentioned before, there are many easy to follow alternatives which are definitely going to help you out. And, without even breaking a sweat at all. You can use Private Instagram Viewer because it just requires you to enter some basic details and you are ready to go and check out anyone’s profile with ease.

As you search for such tools online, you will find a range of websites with this tool. You should choose the safest tool and then follow the guidelines. The first thing is to know about the username of that person. It can be done by checking out from your account and if you are blocked then take help from any friend.

After knowing the Instagram username, you have to open the tool and then hit the “View Private profile” button. Now, you have to enter the username, and everything is done. The tool will take a couple of minute and bring all the photos and videos in front of you just as the real profile shows you.

In case, you are not able to see the profile then you must avoid looking for a working tool. The common problem with the selection of a tool is that finding the best one is not easy. Most of the tool are not real, and many of them can set you in various issues in the future.

On the other hand, if you are using a tool that requires downloading, then you should take precautions. Some of the tools are not safe to use, and they can set you in trouble. Always consider the reviews and know that how they work. If a tool requires you to add bank account details, then you should avoid it.

Instagram Profile Viewer Tools

Important Note

All the methods that you see online to view private profiles aren’t safe at all. Always opt for safe and reliable methods. By such methods, you can avoid all the issues with ease and always find the web-based tools because these are safe to prefer. By such methods, you can check out anyone’s profile. The effectiveness rate with a real tool is more than 90%.

The Final Verdict

As you know that Instagram is owned by Facebook and they are creating some of the best privacy features but these features are not effective against private Instagram viewer tools. Using a real tool can help in it and eradicate all the issues. Always stay selective in the selection of a web-based tool.

There are some smartphone apps that offer the same feature, but you must find the safest tool to avoid facing any issue. Using the first trick gives you direct access and help you check out stories, Live, Highlights, Photos, and videos with ease.

In addition to this, you can direct message them and connect with them. So, always follow the legit and safe method first.

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