Blocking False Followers on Instagram Is Now Easy!

Instagram is an open platform where millions of people share their photos and videos globally. Similar to Facebook and Twitter who creates an Instagram account has a profile and news feed. Other people who follow you or are added to your friend list can see your posts and content you share. Just like any other social media platform, you can interact with other Instagram users by following them, being followed by them, you can also do commenting, liking, tagging and messaging.

Instagram offers great opportunities for users from creators to marketers, and artists to entrepreneurs as they can reach their targeted group easily. But with such a big advantage, there is a hurting truth that among millions of Instagram users, 40% of users are fake/fraudsters/spammers/ who just have a target to steal the innocents’ data and confidential information. Around 30% – 40% of people activate Instagram account only to use genuine users’ details for their own benefits.

These fraudsters and fake users introduce themselves as genuine users and work hard to build a trustworthy relationship with legitimate users. Once they achieve their goal, they start using genuine users’ information for multiple activities like hacking accounts, stealing money, tarnishing others’ reputation and more.

As a legitimate user of Instagram, it is important to know each and every feature and function of the platform. Anytime you feel that you have fake followers on Instagram who can harm your reputation or tarnish your account,  keep your mind relaxed and block them with quick steps. Yes, Instagram allows you to block or remove followers or the person you are not interested in showing your posts.  It helps you to protect your account and identity from the fake followers.

Note:- When you block someone on Instagram, then, your posts and profile will not appear on their news feeds -they will not be able to see your any post/ shares/ bio/ even a profile picture in future.

So, whenever you want to block your follower on Instagram, follow the quick steps and get rid of annoying and fake followers.

1. Launch the Instagram app in your phone and go to the profile of the user you want to block.”You can look for the person by entering his/her name in the search box located at the bottom left corner.”

 Block Followers On Instagram - login Instagram


 2. Tap on the three dots on the right side of the screen.

Block Followers On Instagram - Tap on 3 dots

 3. Now, a popup menu will open your screen, find the block option.

Block Followers On Instagram - Find Block Option

 4. Afterward, click on the block option. A confirmation window will open on your screen to confirm if you really want to block the user and if yes tap on the “Block” option. You have done!

Block Followers On Instagram - Click on Block Option

All these steps mentioned above can help you to block someone on Instagram easily. Once you blocked someone on Instagram, then the person will just remain as a number in your followers’ list.

For example, if you have 10 followers among which you blocked the one follower, the visitors on your profile will see 10 followers.

Protecting yourself from fraudsters and spammers on social media platforms is essential. Using social media sites  -Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for building social networking are great only if you access the sites with privacy measures they offer. Every social networking platform has their community standard to secure users data and identification from phony people. While accessing any platform, anytime, you find someone violating the site’s Terms and Conditions, report the person immediately. This will not only secure you from the loss but will also protect other users from any harm.

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