Instagram Could Hide Likes’ Count

Instagram – one of the world’s biggest platforms is planning to hide likes on photos, means users cannot see how many people have liked their posts. This unreleased feature has created a buzz in the industry, but the company has kept silent about the news. If the feature launch, it will hide like counts from the viewers – only the person who posted a photo would see the number of likes s/he received.

In a blog post, the company says that it has not tested the feature. In a statement, the company’s spokesperson said, “We’re not testing this at the moment, but exploring ways to reduce pressure on Instagram is something we’re always thinking about.”

According to the news reports, the details of the experiment comes out just after when the British Information Commissioner’s Office has suggested that the social media platforms’ features should be banned which are pushing users to keep posting. They suggest banning the feature “likes” and “streaks” that encourage the users to stay online longer and so could harm their health.

This change on such a big platform would be a great move, despite the fact, few users like influencers are not happy with the experiment, but some individuals are satisfied with the change as it would ease the heat of posting feeds for likes, and free the individuals from the stress of getting likes.

Dealing with the news could be challenging for the influencers as it will interrupt their job of posting and sharing content. If there is influencer whose livelihood is depending on selling a quantified notion of his/her popularity to sponsors, his/her job will become harder than before without the appearance of likes. Once the feature released, the marketing companies and advertising agencies would not be able to differentiate between the popular influencers. It might also bring up the challenge for business as they won’t be able to attract the viewers from the count of likes on their post.

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For now, the feature is speculative but its existence has created tension between users. Likes counts on a post can be the reason of social pressure but de-emphasizing the likes can make the platform healthier than before.

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