How To Hide Number Of Followers On Instagram?

Privacy has always been the primary concern for Instagrammers, every user hunt to secure their account’s information from any person who can harm their profile. Whenever a new visitor visits your profile, he/she can see detailed information about you including what you are following and what your interests are? Most of the Instagram users have queries that do any feature or option available to hide their followers’ list, but the answer is no. As an Instagram user, you can hide your follower’s identity but not the list of followers.  When anyone clicks or tap on the list, he/she can view the names easily, but you can control who can see your profile and information.

You can control the visibility of your follower by setting your Instagram profile as “private.” When you set your profile private, it restricts your posts and hides your profile from the people you want. Setting up an Instagram profile is simple as you just have to go through a few step procedure. Open the Instagram app and further click on its profile tab located on the lower right corner. Then you have to click on edit profile and toggle on to the “Private” option to set your account private. Hereafter, only the current followers will be allowed to see your profile, other people who want to connect with you over Instagram have to send a request, which you can either reject or accept.

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Comments/likes on Private Posts:

Setting up your account private is not a permanent option, as your comments and likes on a public user’s profile can show your name and identity to others and can display how many followers you have. Therefore to keep your Instagram’s visibility limited, you should try to like and comment on private users’ posts only. Sadly you don’t have any magical trick to know which posts are publicly or privately shared.

Posts On Other Social Media Platforms:

When you share your posts on other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, you lose a bit of control over who can see your profile.  Therefore to keep your profile private, you should avoid posting your Instagram posts on other social media platforms.

Social media platforms are a pool of malicious accounts, fraudsters, fake users who generally focus on stealing the innocent’s information to make money. Therefore, as a user, it is your responsibility to keep your account safe from digital harm. There is no exact solution to keep your profile private and hide the list of followers, but yes you can follow the privacy steps mentioned above to make your account private and hidden.

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