Hackers Are Targeting Instagram Influencers With The Promise Of Blue Badge

instagram influencers

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms where influencers and businessmen establish their reputation through their credible content. But, Instagram users are facing trouble with its instant growth as the spammers and fraudsters are taking advantage of Instagram’s popularity. Earlier this week, there was a report that Instagram users are getting targeted by a group of fraudsters who claimed themselves as “Instagram Verify Team.” Those hackers sent emails claiming to provide the blue verified badge on Instagram. Reality is, they are taking advantage of users’ obsession with popularity and verified among social media competitors.

The fraudsters have sent emails to many accounts offering users the opportunity to apply for a verified check mark. It is unclear when the hackers start this scam. Users who got targeted were asked to provide their Instagram credentials such as username, password, email address as well as the date of birth which gave hackers access to their accounts. In most of the cases, it got heard that the hackers threaten the victim to delete an account unless the victim pays off.

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Note:- {Owners of Instagram profiles with followers between 15,000 and 70,000 were hacked and were never retrieved.}

According to the reports, they target those account that has more than 15,000 followers. The victims were ranged from famous actors to owners of a startup business who have a vast audience and popularity. Although it is unclear that who is behind these fraud activities but according to Instagram, the fraudsters appear to be Turkish speakers. The company warned the users to avoid any communication claiming to be from Instagram. The company said, “We will never proactively email you about verification, and we will certainly never attempt to sell you verification. Beyond ads, Instagram does not sell any products or services and will not make any offers to you via email.”

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Here are some security measures to identify phishing attacks on your Instagram account:-

• Dubious font styles – Hackers use a screenshot instead of using an actual image for the verification of an Instagram account. They send you the screenshots as an example of a verified account.

• Incorrect grammar and punctuation – Check for grammar and punctuation mistakes in the email you got from the group for the verification of your Instagram account.

• Emails that ask for credentials – Fraudsters will ask for your Instagram account’s credentials such as email, password, etc. Do not provide any confidential details, the official site never asks for your confidential information.

If you receive an email for verification of your Instagram account, do not answer their email and try to connect with the official help immediately. Instagram suggests its users implement two-factor authentication to make accounts more secure and safe.

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