How to Create Good Instagram Captions?

Instagram is tremendously growing and rolling the market with its success. Holding billions of users among the top social media platforms, it works as a game changer for business and branding. Now when you practice lots of factors to engage the maximum audience on your Instagram posts, you need to not only stick with the consistent theme, colors, or grid but also you should work on the Instagram captions to start building relations and engagement with the audience.

Download the list of top most used captions for Instagram posts in 2018-


Download the list of top most used captions for Instagram posts in 2018-


In this tutorial, we will discuss the major points to create best Instagram captions:

Text importance on Instagram

Good content for captions

Engage the audience with text

Build brand awareness and relations with the audience

Create Good Captions:

Create Good Captions

Apart from the images on Instagram, good captions matter a lot to maintain the relationship with followers. Great photography but without great text will lack in briefing your feeling and perspective to your audience. Captions on Instagram post are to present the story behind the image but in fewer words. Don’t merge the entire content of the scenario in your Instagram caption, select the master words that would suit your image best. Use those words that your audience will love to see on your image.

Less Means More:

Less Means More

Great captions on Instagram are really a source to get audience engagement, but photo caption is not the right place to write a complete story. Let your image speaks about itself. You are allowed to use 2,200 characters to build your Instagram caption, but try to keep it simple and brief. Try to keep the caption style relevant to your brand, product, or service.

Don’t Make  It Too Professional:

Instagram is a friendly place where users keep conversation relaxed and informal. After getting free from the daily business schedule, users login Instagram to get crazy quotes, innovative ideas, adventurous stories and a lot more, your audience does not expect professional and formal messages or blogs on Instagram. Try to write a niche and squared caption with a good sense of humor.

Why Not Emojis:

Why Not Emojis

Instagram is a place for friendly conversation, so why not make use of emojis in your captions. Emojis will help your audience to show your mood, brand personality,  and your aura that will definitely add exposure to your Instagram posts.  But remember to not overuse emojis in your caption.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask:

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

If you want something, don’t afraid to ask for it! Craft your caption with some questions like “What do think about the image, are we mad or lovely?” This keeps the audience engaged with your posts and let them explore more about you and your Instagram account.

Praise your Followers:

If you have followers who always like your posts and are happy with your product, brand, or services then do not forget to praise them. Mention their name in your caption will definitely increase the creativity and importance of the caption. By mentioning your followers’ name in the caption, show some love towards them.

Add Hashtags:

Add hashtags

To make your Instagram action best, you can make use of hashtags. Hashtags can lighten your content and can give it an opportunity to reach many people. But while using hashtags, make sure to not use the banned hashtags, it can bring your account under the spam or fake accounts.

It is not too late to start with a good Instagram caption. Making good caption might seem difficult but trust us, it is not. Be the best and unique on Instagram, use your innovations, add insights and more importantly keep your Instagram captions meaningful but not so wordy.

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