Best Hacks To Get Real Followers On Instagram

Instagram is the second largest social media platform that allows users to share entertaining posts, business proposals and more. For marketers and creators, Instagram is a marvelous platform where they can do a lot more than just promoting their business or creations.

As an Instagrammer, it is necessary to have real followers on your profile, as the audience always looks for the reasons to follow someone.  But gaining real followers is little complicated as you have to focus on multiple things including your goal, target audience, offers, and investment.

If you are the one looking for the sufficient followers on your account, read on the tutorial and understand what you can do and how!

1. Choose Unique Username: –

 A unique username is a perfect way to build your identity to stand out from the crowd. Whenever you create a new account on Instagram, always go with the unique name.

But how will you choose a unique username, no idea? Look at the tips to create the best one-

  • Username should not be too long.
  • Don’t use more underscore and dots.
  • Unique choice.
  • Relevant to your content.

2. Complete your Instagram Profile:-

It is important to make your profile more attractive and innovative. Your profile is like a resume that describes you and your personality. The attractive profile is the first phase which starts communication with new visitors.

What should you do to create a perfect profile:-

  • Use your own photo as a profile picture
  • Complete bio section (add your website link)
  • Set your Instagram contact info
  • Add your website link on your homepage
  • Set background or cover image

3. Plan Your Instagram Posts:-

Always create a plan before posting content on Instagram. Random clicks and wall of the word will not attract your targeted group. Always try to take those topics which are relevant to your business or brand.  

Plan a successful post for Instagram with the following factors-

  • Don’t jump from one topic to another.
  • Do research.
  • Include insights/data/analytics.
  • Share content in which your audience is interested.

4. Targeted Audience:-

Targeting the right audience is important to be a successful Instagrammer. You can find your target group in an hour, but sometimes it takes a whole month.

How to choose a Targeted group?

  • Set-up your goals.
  • See what your competitors are targeting.
  • Where your brand or business belongs.
  • Follow hashtags.
  • See what is trending.

If you are engaged with the wrong audience, then it is pointless to invest, as the wrong audience would not have any interest in your brand.

5. Use Hashtags: –

Hashtags are the best option to establish a reputation.  Always use trending hashtags which are popular among active users.

Use Hashtags

There are different categories of hashtags like sports, fashion, automobiles, science and a lot more. You can use them according to your content requirement.

Instagram hashtags are categorized into two categories: –

5.1.  Popular Hashtags: – These are tags that are used and searched for millions of time. Popular hashtags generate a good quantity of audience towards your post.

Popular Hashtags

5.2. Common Hashtags:- Common hashtags are generally used by every Instagrammer. These hashtags do not promote any particular brand, but can boost your posts and popularity than popular hashtags.

Here are some common hashtags you can use in your posts-

  • #instagram
  • #followme
  • #travel
  • #fitness
  • #fun
  • #selfie

6. Best Time To Post On Instagram:-

To gain followers, you should post regularly. When you post regularly people notice your posts, visit on your profile, and if they like your post, there are chances that they might start following you.

Your daily posts give a reflection on your active behavior, which grabs audience interest more quickly.

If you are posting regularly, then it is necessary to post at the right time.

best time to post on instagram

 7. Share On Other Platforms:-

Share your Instagram posts, creativity or business activities on other social media platform too. This will help you engage real followers quickly.  You can add an Instagram link to other platforms, this will let your audience know about your Instagram profile.

This is the data of monthly active users on other social media platforms. Now, you may get the idea about how sharing posts on other social media platforms drive quick engagement.

Share On Other Platforms

8. Use Instagram Stories:-

You can use Instagram Stories feature to gain followers as over 250 million of people are more interactive with Instagram Stories section. It is a creative way to present your content in front of targeted group. Your story stays for 24 hours, so make sure to share short, crisp and meaningful content there.

Things you can do to make your Instagram Stories look perfect-

  • Use face filters
  • Use templates
  • Create polls
  • Use hashtags
  • Add location
  • Use stickers

9. Engage With Community:-

Instagram is not only a platform to showcase your creativity or promotion, as a marketer you should also keep interaction with your customers. If you need real followers on your account, it is important to give your customers value.  If you ignore them, it will show that you are not interested in building a community.

You can engage with your community in these easy ways: –

  • Respond to your audience comments/queries.
  • Like their photos and videos.
  • Reply back on Direct Messages (DM)

10. Go Live: –

Instagram offers  “Live” feature through which you can easily promote your brand or business and can gain real followers.  Going live builds up your reputation among your existing followers and will encourage others to interact with you.

Benefits of using Instagram Live feature-

  • Make users aware of your present event.
  • Built trust among the audience.
  • Deliver entertainment to users.

Gaining followers on Instagram is not that easy, but you can try the tricks mentioned above to attract targeted group easily. If you have a business, then these tips can give wings to your business to fly in the sky of success.

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