How to gain more Twitter Followers in 2019-10 Brilliant Tips and Tricks that Actually Work

Twitter is one of the most prominent social networking services which is used to post and interact with messages that are also referred to as tweets. Twitter seems to stay in the news because of some highly controversial tweets but does not let this minor aberration hide its amazing benefits for business and brand. With the number of Twitterites on the rise, there is a growing urgency and need to stay on the top and maintain a robust presence on this micro blogging social network.

Companies, brands, and individuals work hard to enjoy a healthy follower count for this purpose. Only a loyal batch of followers can help products gain attention and add credibility to the posted content. If you are wondering how to gain more Twitter followers, here, we bring a mix of tried and tested marketing tactics and tricks that help you in this endeavor.

Follow People in the Chosen Niche

Following people from the same industry on this micro blogging platform can help gain more Twitter followers. As soon as you start following a person or company, they will receive a notification, which in turn, will make them look at your account. More often than not, they will follow you back, and soon your list of followers will grow.

Follow People in the Chosen Niche

Reply and Retweet

Another trick that can help you get more Twitter followers is by indulging in active engagement with other users on the Twitter platform. Active replying, retweeting and favoriting tweets from like-minded people from your industry can help a lot. The users will start noticing your name and the probability of them following you will increase.

Use Search Agents

You can make use of search agents for prominent current searches for popular industry terms or your brand mention. As soon as a new Tweet comes, you can check it out, follow and interact with the Twitterati. Specific searches will help you identify users who are genuinely interested in your content.

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Right tweet at the right time

Scheduling your tweet just at the right time is imperative. For this, you can make use of an optimal time posting tool that guides and help in scheduling your tweets. The tool checks the last three months of Twitter activity and identifies the time when your tweets were most interacted with. This is sure to increase twitter interactions in terms of favorites and retweets resulting in more Twitter followers.

Tweeting Hours

Retweeting other’s content

You can also get more Twitter followers when you share posts by your favorite non-competing and bloggers, in simple terms, retweeting what they have posted. You can even tag them to these retweets, and the chances are good that they will follow you back when they spot your @mention in their Tweet feed.

Use Twitter buttons to encourage readers to follow you

Whether you run a website or write a blog, you can make use of call-to-action and Twitter buttons to your content which will encourage readers to tweet and in return follow you. You can ask a question and ask the audience’s reply or ask for their opinion on an issue.

Make judicious use of hashtags

Statistics reveal that tweets with hashtags get 12 percent more engagements than tweets without any hashtags. Thus, you can make the most of this opportunity and get your Twitter content’s presence felt among more people. Industrial hashtags, cultural or event-based hashtags are commonly used, but while using them do not go overboard with them. You can also create a fun hashtag as the chances of appearing on the top of hashtag search.

Twitter Hashtags Volumes

Make use of videos, photos and live videos

It is quite apparent to find tweets with live videos, and pictures getting more interactions than tweets without them. Visual content tweets get 150 percent more tweets than their counterparts without any visual content. Thus, the use of high-quality images helps to give a boost to your content and also help you prove a point. You can go on to Twitter live or vine-like entertaining videos or a quick Q & A session with the customers. All these activities enhance engagement with them and bring your content in the forefront among new people.

Extend Twitter Support to Clients

You can also extend Twitter support to your customers and clients. You may get queries about your brand or product, and this will start an exciting engagement. They will be more than ready to tweet you to get support and follow your account.

Refrain from buying cheap followers

Buying Twitter followers is strict, no-no! It can just give you a short-term boost in the number of your followers which is sure to fizzle out in time and is going to be of no use to you. Bought followers are like robots that are not actual purchasers who would be interested in buying your products, so there is no point in having them. Moreover, Twitter is getting stricter than ever on paid followers.

However, you can always look for experts who can give you Genuine Followers from your targeted niche.

These ten brilliant tricks are sure to help you get more Twitter followers in the New Year. Start tweeting and enjoy a robust following!

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