Fresh Updates On Twitter Bringing In Features Of Music, Screenshots, UI And Many More!

The online news sharing and social networking platform where billion people communicate with short length messages, known as “tweets,” is in a huge need to become more user-friendly as it had been into controversy since almost a year.

The popularity of this social networking site is its quality of maintenance for strange limited characters tweet. This restriction helps in smarter and challenging tweets that make them more attractive, in turn. This feature has also made the app a popular social tool. Moreover, Twitter gives us the liberty to go through any of the user’s account and provide a glance at their tweets.

There have been a lot of complaints regarding Twitter not being clear enough with its policies, rules, and regulations. It has also been claimed to not be transparent sufficient in protecting its users’ data.

The site, since then has been making attempts to be considered more user-friendly and accessible enough. It has reduced its guidelines with a large sum from laying down 2500 guidelines before, the fresh ones now are numbered even less than 600. This was done for the sole purpose of improvement in the audience’s feedback. In this way, Twitter has expanded its safe points by putting the impetus on the facts regarding what all is not allowed on this platform.

All of this was so much in the conspiracy because lately, Twitter has been laying down several rules for the users, which kept on increasing the points to keep in mind, thereby making it more confusing and un-understandable. The new update, however, maintains a lucid and clear language, by relating them with only better privacy and security of the audience. There is also detailed information regarding the matters of policies such as that of election integrity, platform manipulation, and spam. Also, there are details about instructions upon how to report various contents on the website. The character limit of the tweets is also doubled now, as earlier it was 140, but now the users can employ 280 characters into their tweets.

Twitter claimed that in order to increase the convenience of its usage among the people, it is doing its best to make the users assure about all the relevant and even elaborated instructions as to how to deal with abuse or harassment, or offensive content, or even suicidal or self-harm cases. The constant focus of the company is to keep its users safe and making their world a better place to live in.

Chromatose, the hugely successful Kickstarter, a visual novel and a Japanese Role-Playing game, which is inspired by likes of Persona 3, Catherine and Monogatari, got a lot of updates through AkaBaka’s Twitter handle. These include the game’s background, User Interface Updates and improvements, comic character arts, and even dialogue screens. Both the Pause Menu and the UIs are now fully functional and are also user-friendly.

The recent update has presented a pattern of the battle system and the UI. Both of these have been appreciated to a lot of extents. The animations in these are quite impactful and quite unique. The card battle system was a questionable consideration early on, but it has also proven to be quite convenient.

Twitter is quite accessible to be used as the users can easily make an account for free and have their own Twitter username. One can thereby post their content as much as they want, which is totally dependent upon their choice, for example, any number of tweets, like, comment or re-tweet others’ tweet, follow anyone, etc., people who follow you and even those who do not follow can also view your content any time they want to.

As far as the recent updates have come up with are related to the convenient feature of replying where it has become easy to respond to a tweet, where the mention “@xyz” will not be considered as a part of the word limit. There is also another advantage of attaching any kind of media through the URL link, which will include a video, GIF, polls, quotes, etc. in a tweet. Moreover, Twitter has also given an introduction of the prospect of certain limitations on the placement of the content, which is favored for the encouragement of high-quality content. The overall tweet text is limited to 3000 Unicode code-points. The number of mentions, “@xyz” is restricted to only 50 mentions in a single tweet. The already existing media limitations i.e., 4 pictures in a URL, 1 GUF, and 1 video, are the restrictions that remain unchanged. All the links that are additionally attached to tweet are not counted, but the links copied and pasted in the Tweet box are a part of the word limit.

We can see that the fresh updates will be helpful in a more improved and give the user-friendly experience to the users. Proofs are already existing about the appreciations of the new arrivals in the updates. As time will pass, more people will get acquainted with the updates, and more will be explored about the user responses.


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