Four Twitter Hacks That Will Make You A Pro

Admit it, there are times when your Twitter life is a little messy because of the frequent changes in its algorithm or the new updates in the sector.  And exploring the new ways to establish the strong base of your profile is a bit difficult as you are not aware of the new trends you should follow.

Turning up your skills and knowledge with time is an important aspect if you are looking for increasing your visibility in the market and want to establish your business in the industry- here we will help you to gather the best four hacks that could ensure your popularity among the Twitter users and can turn up your sales just like a pro-

1. Create A Follow List:

If you want to flourish your Twitter feed with a streamlined and quick way of accessing the only updates you want then creating a follow list is one of the best hacks for you.

As per the Twitter rules, a follow list is a group of Twitter users where you can create your own lists or subscribe to lists created by others. Once you created your own list of followers then while viewing a list of the timeline you will see a stream of Tweets from only the specified users on the list.

Creating a follow list could be done with an easy procedure, you just need to click on the “lists” tab located at the left side of the main page. From the “list” option, you will be taken on a new page where you will have multiple options that are, “Owned,” “Subscribed,” and “Member”. Below these options, you will have a blue button of “Create a List”. Afterword, you will be prompted with a pop-up message, there enter the required names as per your preferences and then save the list.

Moreover, in order to survey your newly created list feed, you need to go to your profile page and then click on the “Lists” tab. Now add Twitter users to your list by simply clicking on the “Settings” icon located next to the “Follow” button on any user’s account.

Note-“It is not mandatory for you to follow the user to add them to a list”

Next, select “Add or remove from lists” option and simply check the list you want. That’s it, you are done.

2. Use Advanced Search:

Twitter’s Advanced search helps you to add some extra filtering to find specific content which is in trend. With the daily uploads on Twitter, there is a ton of information available for searching- and the advanced search option is the right place to receive the accurate topic by the direct information.

If you haven’t use the Advanced search on Twitter, then you can start using it right now to search and gather a precise and targeted search. Advanced search is the best choice to find your targeted content, here some of the features of Advanced search.

  • You can search your content on a set of given words
  • Search for the exact phase
  • Search for any given words or somethings that contains none of the given words
  • Hashtags
  • Search for any Twitter supported languages
  • Search for certain accounts or followers
  • Mention specific accounts or locations
  • Search for date frame
  • Positive or negative tweets
  • Look for the questioning tweets
  • Search for the retweets
  • Search for the combination of different words

3. Subscribe To Public Lists:

Joining someone’s else public list is an amazing opportunity to get into a successful Twitter life as it brings your content to the highly-rated pages on  Twitter. This leads your content to the others’ explore page and get you maximum search and views.

Therefore, do not miss to subscribe others public list if you don’t want to lose any single opportunity for your brand marketing and business.

To join someone else’s public list, go to their Twitter profile and click on the “lists” option. Further, look for the list you want to subscribe and click “Subscribe”.

Note: “You can follow a users’ public list without following that particular user.”

4. Let Your Twitter To Sleep:

If you are a regular user of Twitter and losing your sleep just to get available all the time for your customers and followers, then you running on the wrong track. Having an enthusiastic state is perfect but making it an addiction is completely wrong.

Therefore, take your complete sleep and allow your Twitter account to take some rest from all time chatting and posting. Logging out your Twitter account for a few hours is not a crime, impose some limits and enjoy the channel as the way it is.

For accessing Twitter in a right way, first of all, decide whether your target audience will be available in night or day, and then start work as per their active timings. Doing this, you will reach a better audience at the perfect time. Winning Twitter users for your business and marketing strategies is not an easy job, but making it easy is completely in your hand. Use all these four hacks and reach your goal effortlessly. Moreover, Twitter is a channel of over millions monthly active users and have ability to publish your post to the world. Therefore, make sure to have an account on Twitter and try to make use of all the necessary features to enhance your experience.

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