Easy ways to Fix Login Issue on Instagram


Most of the users on Instagram has reported that they are facing issues while logging into their Instagram account.

There are multiple methods to troubleshoot the login issues on Instagram and we have mentioned all the best tricks that you can use to fix the problem on your own.

 Method 1- Temporary Disable Account:

Here, you have to disable your Instagram account for a short period of time-

Login Instagram account on the desktop.

login insta

Go to your “Profile” and click on “Edit Profile”.

edit profile

Click on “Temporarily disable my account” option.




Wait for about six hours.

After six hours, try to login into your Instagram account via its application.

Method 2- Login Via Facebook Account:

This is the easiest method to fix the login error. Here, you just have to link your Facebook account with Instagram-

Open Instagram either on your desktop or mobile phone.


Log in to your Instagram.

Now, go to the “Settings” of your Instagram account.

Scroll down and look for the “Linked accounts” option.

Click on “Linked accounts.”

Remove the Facebook account if it is linked with your Instagram. 

Create a new Facebook account to connect with your Instagram account. 

After creating a new Facebook account, log in to your Instagram account.

(Login Instagram account via the app on some other mobile phone.)

Open “Settings” on your Instagram account and link your Facebook account.


Clear data of the Instagram application on your device.


Once you clear the data, open the Instagram application on your phone.


Now, login Instagram with Facebook.


Here, your Instagram account will be logged correctly, and you will no longer face any problem while logging into your account. 

Method 3- Factory Reset Device:

Before resetting your device, make sure to back up your data-

Go to the “Settings” on your device.


Look for “Factory Reset Device” option.

 factory data reset

Now proceed to “Reset”.


Here you need to wait until the process gets completed.


Once you reset your device, go to the “Google Play Store” and download the Instagram app.

 play store

Log in to your account.

Login Instagram with a Facebook account, resetting your device, clearing up the app data, or temporarily disabling the account are the foremost methods to fix the log in the issue on the Instagram account. If you know any other better ways to deal with the problem or need any other help regarding Instagram, please mention in the comment section.

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