How to Filter Unwanted Comments From Instagram Posts?

Inappropriate comments are filtered automatically, but you can always change the settings manually-

Go to your Instagram profile 

fb profile3


Click on “Hamburger button ” icon. 


Click on ” Settings”.


Click on “Comment Controls”.

comment controls

Click next to “Hide offensive comments” to turn it on.

hide offensive comments

You can always turn on a keyword filter to hide comments consisting of specific words, numbers, emoji that you’d like to avoid.


Go to your profile and click on “Hamburger button“. 


Click on  Settings.settings

{Scroll down the screen and look for “Comment Controls”}

Now click on “Comment Controls.”comment controls



Make sure that “Hide offensive comments” is turned on.

hide offensive comments


Click next to the “Manual Filter” to turn it on. 

manual filter

Enter specific words, phrases, numbers or emoticons in the text box to filter out comments.

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Instagram is well aware of the problem that most of the users face bullying and trolling over their Instagram comments, therefore it offers comment control option where the user can change the settings manually. 

 To change the settings, go to your profile and click “Hamburger button”.  Next, click on “settings.” A further click on “Hide offensive comments”, this will hide all the offensive comments you are facing.

Instagram also allows users to remove comments that contain some specific words, numbers, phrases, or emoji by following these steps. 

 First, go to your profile and tap on  “Hamburger button “. Click on “settings” and then tap on “comment controls.” Make sure “Hide offensive comments” is turned on. In the next step, click on “manual filter” and enter the words, number, phrases or emoticons you don’t want on your posts in the text box.

Hopefully, the tutorial helped you, but in case we miss any major point, or you have any query, write us in the comment section.

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