Exclusive Tips to Fix YouTube Error

Your favorite YouTube video streaming site is creating a fuss in playing videos? Do not have an idea to fix “An Error Occurred, Please Try Again” problem you meet? While playing YouTube video, you might have experienced an error and tried to fix it by refreshing the device, but it didn’t work. Well, it does not matter if you have met the situation or not as it is the most common error occurs in YouTube. Go through the tutorial, you will get everything you need to tackle the YouTube problem.

If you have played around the refreshing mode, still “An Error Occurred, Please Try Again”, try the following solutions-

Method 1: The Basics

Before heading into the other alternatives, you should start with the basic solutions that can give you an instant result- 

  • Check for your Internet connection, YouTube video needs a particular range of network speed to load the videos. If it is taking more than the general time, means there is some internet connection problem.

Internet connection


  • Restart your computer device, and then try to restart your internet modem. Update your browser to the latest version.

  • Remove your browsing history- click on “Settings” of any browser and then tap on “Clear Browsing Data”. After this restart your device and check if YouTube is still showing the same problem.
clear history

Method 2: Try A Different Browser

Try to watch YouTube video on a different browser as it is a good idea to have more than one browser installed in your device. It helps a lot if something goes wrong with the primary browser. “An error occurred, please try again later” is the case where a second browser can help you. If another browser is able to play “YouTube” videos without any error, then the problem is clearly with your default browser.

Method 2: Use Forget About This Feature In Firefox

Firefox feature “Forget About This Feature” enables you to clear cookies, save passwords, history, trash, and other cache files for the website. To implement the solution, follow the steps-

  • Open “Firefox”.

firefox browser
  • Click keys “Ctrl+H” to open browsing history on your keyboard.
  • In browsing history look for the “YouTube” link.
youtube link in history
  • Further, right-click it and select to “Forget About This Site”.

forget this site link

  • At last, restart Firefox and try to play any YouTube video.
restart firefox

Method 3: Remove Cookies and Cache & Update Plugins

Sometimes, cache and cookies create problems while browsing any site, clearing cookies and cache can help to fix the problem. 

  • Click on the menu button in the right corner and look for the “Library” option.
  • Click on “Library” and then tap on “History”.


  • Next click on “Clear Recent History”.


  • Now it is up to you which sort of data you want to delete. Choose the desired data and click on “Clear Now” option.
  • Once you delete the cookies and cache, restart Firefox.

Method 4: Ad-Related Problems

Majority of people who have encountered the error reported that the problem is connected with ads, which is easy to troubleshoot.

  • Head to your account’s “Privacy Settings”,
  • At the bottom of the window, click on “Google Ad Settings”
  • You will see the “Ads Personalization Slider” at the top of the page. Switch it toward “Off”
  • Click “Opt out of More Ads” at the bottom of the page.
  • Now disable “Adblock” or any other tool while visiting “YouTube” or set “YouTube” in the exceptions list.

Method 5: Change The Quality Of Your Videos

YouTube issue “An error occurred, please try again later” message restricts you from watching the videos, but there is a various workaround that can help you. Apart from all the above solutions, you can troubleshoot the problem squarely by making changes in the video quality of the YouTube video. To do this, you just have to attempt simple steps-

  • In the bottom right corner of the video, click on the “Gear” icon.
  • You will have the different options here, select anyone according to your device orientation.
choose your setting

(Note: These are just troubleshooting steps, some might work and some might be difficult to follow)

Hopefully, the tutorial helped you in fixing the YouTube problem “An error occurred, please try again later”. If you need guidance to fix any other YouTube related issue, or you know some other solutions to fix the same that we have missed in our tutorial, please share with us in the comment section

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