How To Download Instagram IGTV Videos?

Back in June 2018, when Instagram introduced to us the platform of sharing and viewing longer videos, which act like a social-media based television. The scope of IGTV videos has been flourishing ever since. It is available on the Instagram app as well as it exists as an app itself.

This new feature supports the videos in a longer format, which means their duration can be extended up to an hour, if the user has a verified account, otherwise, for the regular users, the duration is 10 minutes. This characteristic has increased its chances of becoming famous quite rapidly.

The advanced feature of the app put it in strong competition with YouTube because many of the influencers on YouTube are also calling upon this app to let their videos be viewed by a larger audience. And people, on the other hand, are preferring to watch the IGTV videos on Instagram itself while accessing it, rather than especially going to another app and viewing the video on YouTube.

Another important factor as to why this feature is receiving so many appreciations is its orientation support for the Smartphone. Just like the Instagram stories can be viewed in a full-screen mode, the IGTV feature shows the videos in a comfortable and user-friendly mode. This means the platform is not much complicated to access. One has to tap on the video which he/she wishes to see and can watch the video conveniently.

The users can view many other IGTV relatable videos while watching a particular video, just the way it is done on YouTube. A person who views a certain type of videos quite frequently also comes across a similar kind of videos in their explore space on the app.

People can also post the link of their latest or most liked IGTV video in their bio. We also have the freedom of sharing the videos to our stories, to our friends via Direct Messages. It also supports likes and comments as well, just like the other content on Instagram.

A feature that Instagram does not allow to its users is the option of saving the pictures or the videos posted by the others. This is because of its different terms or privacy, which does not permit the users to download the media shared by other people. However, despite that, people can use the option of taking screen-shots of whatever they want to. There are also external applications and websites through which one can save the IGTV videos into their devices.

In this article, we will guide you into different methods which will be useful for you in order to save IGTV videos to your iPhone or Android devices. The options that can be followed are-

Making Use Of Siri Shortcuts:

Making Use Of Siri

The iOS users who have the version of iOS 12 installed in their iPhones or iPads are liberalized with the opportunity of downloading the “Shortcuts” app which is useful for saving the IGTV videos to the user’s camera roll. This enables the user to access the “Download from Instagram” option through which the user can save any Story or IGTV video into their device.

“One can also use this option to repost story or videos uploaded by another account to their profile – the users are enabled with the permission of the operating system and the platform.”

For downloading the video, one has to go through a set of steps as follows-  simply copy the URL of the particular video which the user would like to download and paste it to the Shortcut. Apart from this, the useful advantage of giving commands to Siri to launch the app can also be made it convenient to use the app.

Download The Video Via Documents On Apple Devices:

Documents are the file manager that lets the user view various kinds of files from an iOS device. If you have to use this feature to download the IGTV video, you will be required to copy its URL, after which you have to open the “Documents app.”

Tap on the icon which appears in the lower right corner of the screen, which is the “Browser icon” and then visit the “transfer,” which is a free Instagram video downloading tool. The next step is to paste the copied URL in the given space, and then press the “Download to PC.” This option helps you in analyzing the video once again, which you are going to download.

After completing the procedure, the link to download your video will be visible on your screen, tap the option to finally save the IGTV video in your iPhone. If you want, you can rename the file name of the video that you are about to download in your iOS device.

Use IGTV Video Downloader for Android Devices:

IGTV Video Downloader

Downloading the IGTV videos to your Android devices is considered far more convenient and easily accessible than doing it on the iPhone. This is because, to download the IGTV video to one’s Android device, one has to implement a small process.

One has to only download the “IGTV Video Downloader” app in their devices. This app can be downloaded from the PlayStore for free. The only shortcoming is that this app makes use of ads, which might become frustrating for many.

In order to use this app, open the Instagram application in your device, and go to the IGTV video section. Select the video which you wish to download, and copy its link. After this, you have to paste the link in the IGTV Video Downloader app. Then tap on the “Download” button and hold on until the downloading process is completed. The downloaded file will then be stored into your device’s gallery which you can access any time you want.

Use The “Saveo” App:

Another app that can be useful for downloading IGTV videos on your Android devices is the Saveo app. One can download the IGTV videos from this app easily.

For doing this, one has to open the Instagram app, and the video he/she wants to download. Then tap on the “three dots icon,” which is found near the “Like and Comment” options. After tapping on those dots, the option to copy link will appear. After having copied the link, you have to open the Saveo app and paste the link in the given tab. Further, click on the option of “Download” which will proceed your video to be downloaded into your device. You can also track the progress of the download completion in the notification panel.

Use The “Keep Video Downloader” App:

Keep Video Downloader

Another option is to install the “Keep Video Downloader for Instagram. For using this app, you have to tap on the option of “Start Service” and enable it. After this, you have to tap on “Open Instagram” button and then find the “Copy Link” option which lies under the “three-dot icon.”

After clicking on the “Copy Link” button, the downloading of the video will start automatically. On this app, you can download multiple videos at a time. The videos that you will download will be stored in the app’s “My Downloads folder.” After this, you can watch the videos whenever you feel like, without extra time or extra efforts.

On the other hand, the websites that can be useful in order to save the videos in the device, both for mobile phones and desktop are “IGTV Videos Downloader,” “SaveIGTVVideo,” “Downloadgram.” For using these websites, you just have to follow four simple steps, which are-

  1. Copy the IGTV video link, which you will find near the “Like and Comment” section beneath the video you want to save. You have to tap on the “three dots icon” and then tap on the “Copy Link” option.
  2. Go to the particular website which you are using to download the video.
  3. Paste the copied link of the IGTV video in the given space.
  4. Click on the download button to save a video in your device.

We conclude that downloading of IGTV videos is not a complicated process. One just has to copy the links of the particular video that he/she wishes to save and then paste the same in the correct space provided. It might seem that downloading of IGTV videos in an iOS device is a bit complicated as compared to that done in the Android ones. This is because there is no relevant and useful app which allows you to download the videos or even save images directly from Instagram into your Apple device.  You can use the browser sites option if the procedure seems too complicated to you.

Just keep in mind the important point of not violating any laws of the platform. This is because respecting the copyright laws of any platform is essential.  Violation of intellectual property rights is an offense. One should not post copied videos to their profile without seeking approval. Claiming own’s name to someone else’s video is also considered a crime. Make sure you seek the necessary permission from the creator of the video before owning its right. Never overuse any liberties of social media platforms.

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