How To Develop The Right Direct Messaging Strategy On Twitter To Connect With Customers?

Developing relationships with a customer and gaining their trust and loyalty is an essential part of a business. It is necessary for the success of the company and its boom. Your brand needs recognition and engagement and to make it happen; a regular interest from the customers’ side is necessary to be developed.

Besides face-to-face assistance for your customers, there is another way where you can connect with your customers that is social media.  There are numerous ways where the customers can connect with any brand or business if they are in need of any help or assistance.

The direct messaging feature is one of the most important things that have always proven to be useful to provide and serve all sort of aid to the customers by the business firms. Talking about this, it is also important in the digital world for all the brands, businesses and marketing firms to have social media accounts, through which they can provide services to their customers and hence do business.

A productive Direct Messaging strategy is always helpful in bridging up the gap that lies between the business service providers and the customers who are in touch with business firms. This should be effective in such a way that the businesses should answer the queries and questions that the customers have address their needs.

This article will guide you into a few tips that would be useful for you to build the Direct Messaging Strategy on Twitter specifically.

Easily Approachable:

One most important thing that you should always keep in mind while setting up your business account is that the account should be able to receive the messages from anybody. Do not let your account’s settings be custom which only gets you the messages from certain people whom you follow or who follow you. Make your DMs available for everyone.

Having the option of talking through the Direct Messages on your profile makes you look available for every customer, even to those who don’t follow you. This way, you can reach to a broader audience and hence expand your business by increasing your customers. This way, your targeted audience will get an impression of you as an active user which will create their interest more in you and your content.  Your active presence on DMs will also make them feel that you are always available to help each and every customer.

twitter moo

Example: A UK based print company @MOO has their DMs open. This lets the users know that they are always there to answer their questions.

Initiate Conversation:

You can also choose to set up a welcoming message in order to let your customers know that you are inviting them to talk and communicate regarding their problems. Create a message to greet your followers. Make sure it appears to be positive, look helpful, and most importantly, it should look relevant.

You can also choose to select replies that are automatic to certain messages. This way, you will able to speak to many people at the same time by consuming comparatively lesser amount of time. Quick replies are the best ways to respond to the customers.

Engaging in conversations with customers is also a helpful way of finding quicker solutions for your customers.

@evernotehelps is an account which has a helpful DM welcome message option which looks inviting enough.

twitter evernote

Never Let Your Followers Hanging:

When you decide to make use of the direct messaging feature in your account, this acts as a strategy to connect with your customers. This strategy is developed so that your customers do not feel left behind or are kept hanging in the queue.

Make sure that you keep on checking your inbox regularly. This is because the customers make use of the Direct Messaging feature in order to connect with the business suppliers directly and quickly-direct messages and replies never let your customers waiting for your response. Be active on the DMs.

Shift From Public To Private:

  • Keep your conversations with your customers private and not public. Do not create groups of the customers. Talk to each customer personally and try to understand their issues. You should always maintain the privacy of your customers and never let your customers’ information out- in case you leak any of the customer’s information out; this will make you lose your trust in front of your every customer.
  • If one has any issue or he made any kind of dissatisfaction with your product, the other customers present in the conversation should not come across such complaints.
  • The fact that you are present all the time to assist them should be a public activity, but the public is not supposed to see complaints done by any of the users. This also shows to other users that you are not ignoring what your customers ask for.
  • The link to go to the query section or the DMs should be made public; however, space, where the queries or complaints are posted, should be private.

Create Appropriate Solutions:

  • Try to resolve all the problems and queries of your customers at your best. Find solutions for every problem. If you cannot find a solution to a particular problem at the moment, ask your customers to wait for the required amount of time, and provide them the solution whenever you are ready with it.
  • A small token of help from your side is a great symbol of proving your loyalty. Even if refunds or gifts are not possible from your end, at least the apologies would work as a little courtesy never kills anyone.
  • Remember always to be authentic to your business motive. Be loyal to your brand and your customers. Your interactions should be in such a way that shows you honest, helpful, and always available for your customers.
  • Express your brand’s motives, show and prove your commitment, and be inviting so that people would like to engage with you.
  • Craft your messages in such a way that your interactions look personalized. Give undivided attention to all of your customers.

Moreover, if you are looking for methods to connect with your customers to simply provide them services or sale, or you want any kind of participation from their end, Direct Message is the feature which can always be helpful. This is because they make the conversation effective, easy, and make the interactions seem real enough. They boost the involvement, provide direct loyalty, and will turn customers into direct brand advocates.

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