Creative Ways to Use GIFs on Instagram Story

If you are a brand that is keen on leveraging the brand equity on Instagram, then you need to learn it Instagram way because what works for Facebook would probably never work for Instagram. Essentially, that is the nature and scheme of things on the digital platform.

Here are a few tips to use GIFs on your Instagram stories to improve your brand identity. In fact, Instagram is poised to change the visual storytelling in collaboration with GIPHY. That means you are going to find the highest quality GIF collection on Instagram for your use.

Intelligently and creatively crafted GIFs can bring better and meaningful results. Let’s learn the tricks of using GIFs on your Instagram stories.

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How to add GIF on stories

Apparently, this is the most important thing that you must learn before you learn other aspects of creative storytelling using GIF. All you need to do is to tap on the tab that you use to add stickers. After collaboration with GIPHY, this tab also features GIF tab that can bring hundreds and thousands of gifs with a simple click.

Blinking, glittering, swirling and beautifully animated GIFs of various color and creative appearance can be easily added to your stories by just selecting the right GIFs that also include trending GIFs too.

This gives you the opportunity to express your brand ideology and also enables you to communicate more precisely and accurately. Let’s have a look at the ways of being creative in using GIFs. Ultimately, only creativity can be appreciated as far as visual narrative is concerned.

How to add GIF on stories

Using Gifs Creatively

Guide followers’ and customers’ Attention: If you look at the digital platforms’ user-behavior, you would realize that the attention span is minute. People tend to jump from one thing to another quite quickly. If you want to make sense out of your brand message, then you need to learn the ways of grabbing their attention.

In fact, Gifs are the best way to do it because you can add the call to action statements and cues like bio-link, sound on, swipe-down to engage your customers and grab their attention. With more engagement, you are likely to persuade your consumers to visit your profile or look at your posts and stories frequently thus improving your conversion rate.

Using Gifs Creatively

Pin GIFs of Instagram stories

Since the attention span is less and consumers see millions of posts every day on various social media platforms, you need a unique approach to emphasize a certain moment. Now, you have the luxury of pinning Instagram GIFs on Videos ad posts.

All you need to do is to just click the button and press hold the screen until you see a small bar that prompts you to pin. The positioning of the Gifs should be strategic. Hence, make sure that you test, place and replace the Gifs until you find the right spot. By doing so, you will be able to tell better brand stories and improve your customer engagement.

Get creative

The GIFs here can be resized, reshaped and reversed. That is not all; you can also add some blistering and amazing effects to improve the mood of your stores. For instance, you can add snow effects on a winter background, you can also make your videos and images of your story look magical by adding shimmering effects.

In brief; you need to exercise your cognitive capability to find out right kind of effects. Make sure that the positioning of the GIFs is perfect; otherwise, you might end up in creating an out-of-sync narrative that might repel your audience. It is advisable that you go through the GIPHY library and choose the best effects to enhance your story.

Get creative

Emphasize the texts

Some users love to read texts. Undoubtedly, words have a certain psychological response. That means you still need to add text in your posts and stories. Texts with GIFs can be a creative way of expressing your story.

For instance, some people use sparkling effects at the edges of the text. You can search for various effects like glittering, smoky, highlights and a range of other GIFs to make your texts beat the clutter. Apparently, by adding effects, you would grab visitors’ attention and give certain emphasis to your message.

All you need to do is to find out the underlying thematic meaning of your message, then search for the appropriate GIFs using the right keywords. Ensure that you understand the importance of finding the right keywords according to your dynamic creative demands and needs.

Create a motion picture effect on your images

You love motion pictures more than static images because it moves as your dreams do. Undoubtedly, a static image can be glorified by adding some cool animated GIFs but then, of course, you should be careful of how you use GIFs.

Mindless and overuse of GIFs on images can kill the lure of an otherwise beautiful image but if you can use GIFs strategically and mindfully, then you can create stunning effect thus improving your engagement.

Note: Do not try to ornament images with too much of GIFs because it can be confusing for audiences to grab the essence of the message.

Creative with Selfie

create with selfi


Everybody loves to display their selfie on the social media platform. It is a way of expressing individuality and uniqueness. The Gifs are available for your selfies too. That means you can use various props like hats, paint brushes, glasses, and other GIFs to showcase your personality or mood of the certain selfie.

However, you need to make sure that you do not overuse them because it can make your selfie look spammy. Hence, you need to find the appropriate GIFs for your selfie. For instance, if you are a fashion designer, then you can choose to put a hat to display your profession and your characteristics.

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Create your custom GIF

Create your custom GIF

Instagram also allows you to create your custom GIFs to promote your brand and events. A lot of brands have jumped onto this bandwagon and use special GIFs to promote their brand.

However, you need to keep in mind that the GIFs that you create must be aligned with your brand ideology. Things like you brands’ color scheme and logos should be used creatively to create perfect GIFs for brand communication. Make sure that you understand the essence of brand consistency.

The human mind is narrative oriented because narrations bring perception. Be it visual or textual, you need to be narrative in your communication process. Fortunately, the human mind is receptive to visuals and symbols; therefore, you should always find ways to communicate visually with your consumers.

GIFs can be really helpful to you if you can use them nicely and creatively. Hence, make sure that you learn more about using GIFs on Instagram.

Ultimately, by using the above-stated tips you can enhance the efficacy of your brand story. You must understand the fact that it is not the end of creative use of GIFs because you can also find other ways too. All you need to do is to get a little experimental use your intelligence to discover more creative ways of using GIFs on your Instagram stores.

It is time to be a little creative, explorative, experimental and narrative in your approach to communicating on an emotional level using GIFs.

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