How to Create a Channel on IGTV?

IGTV a stand-alone app brings together long and short-form video in vertical format. If you are a master in IGTV strategies, then it can be a great source for you to market your brand and business. It helps you to maximize viewership on your brand and engaging people to your business. You can access IGTV either from your Instagram app (You will notice a little TV icon on the top of your Instagram home screen, squarely tap on the icon to start watching or sharing video) or download the stand-alone app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

You can begin a new chapter with IGTV, by creating a channel on the platform. But what exactly you need to do to create a channel on IGTV- check out in the following tutorial-

① On your Instagram app, click on the IGTV logo located at the top-right corner of the Instagram screen. (Next to “Saved” and “Tagged” options).


② Now, click on the “Settings” option on the right side of the screen.


③ You will see an option “Create Channel” at the bottom of the screen, click on it for further preference.

built channel

④ Once you click on “Create Channel”, you will see “Next” option on the first and second screen, click on it.

create channel

⑤ Click on “Create Channel” on the third screen. After this, your channel will be created, and you can access it to upload and watch the video.

watch the video

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The aforementioned steps are easy to follow. Create your channel and update attractive video people love. The platform is for creators and marketers who want to market their business or showcase their talent. It offers the best opportunity to give exposure to your hard work. Now, let’s start with the IGTV without killing your time and let your audience in to witness your excellent talent.

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