Wow! Now You Can Convert Instagram Followers Into Customers

Instagram is one of the top-ranked social media platforms where an individual can get popularity with his creativity and entrepreneurs can conquer millions of hearts.  The platform offers great opportunities to business holders as here they have the option to convert millions of people into customers.  You must be wondering how right? Read on the tutorial and see what options do you have to make this happen.

1. Add Value In Your Bio:

Add Value In Your Bio

There is no better resume than an Instagram bio to tell about your business or industry. Complete the profile section with all the necessary details with crisp headlines.

Make sure to create your profile section understandable as it will give the whole idea about your persona and professional activities to viewers. Let them know what you are? Give them a reason to follow you and to purchase products at your conditions.

What’s your plan-

  • Don’t play as an introvert in your Instagram bio.
  • Show your hobbies/interests.
  • Highlight the points which make you best from the rest in your sector.


2. Discount Code:

Encourage your followers with discounts/gift vouchers/promo code. Give them a few percents off on the actual price of your product. People love to buy things with discounts so gift vouchers and offers enormously support you in converting followers into customers.

“Give a special price to the regular buyers which will make them feel valuable.”

3. Target Ads:

The advertisement is the best way to boost up business in the right direction.  To attract followers towards your product, go with target ads. Yes, this would be the ideal selection if you really want to achieve your goal at the right time.

How do target ads work?

Instagram’s target ads allow targeting a specific location, age, interest, behavior.

Location-Based Targeting: while setting up location-based ads, you can target a specific location by –

  • Country
  • State/Region
  • Countries
  • Designated Market Area (DMA)
  • City
  • Postal Code

Demographic-Based Targeting: here you can select your target on the basis of age, gender –

  • Age – select what is the average age of your target group.
  • Gender – If your product is for a particular gender.
  • Language – If your product is only for a particular language, you need to target the people who can understand your ads.
  • Income – Your product range is only for a specific income holder like your product cost is more than 20 dollar.

Interest-Based Targeting: setting up an ad for a particular field, interest  –

  • Sport
  • Fashion
  • Interior Designing

Behavior- Based Targeting: here are of examples of the behaviors you can target:

  • Mobile Device User
  • Business to business
  • Purchase Behavior

4. Represent Your Products:

Represent Your Products

Make products visible on your timeline, go creative, think unique, and do research about your audience likes and dislikes. While sharing product, tag your followers to make them feel preferred. The presentation is also an important part to attract followers, so make sure you are doing enough to present your product.

What you can do is –

  • Hire influencers.
  • Go with a professional photo shoot.
  • Select a theme.
  • Select the ideal time with the right

5. Stay Controversial:

You should set a goal to attract users through posts – share your thoughts on buzzing topics, say something your audience expecting to listen, write if you think you have the power to make your timeline a reason behind followers conversation.

6. Focus On Transformation, Not Information:

This is something that can bring a change in your follower’s lives. Providing information is an excellent part to make your product visible, but focus on how your product can benefit customers’ lives is best. Let your followers know, how working with you will be the exact thing they were looking – take away their pain and bring them happiness. This will not only boost your followers but also make you the best and genuine entrepreneur in the industry.

Hopefully, you now have a few more ideas to maximize your followers and customers. It is easy to convert followers into customers, but you need sufficient followers first. To maximize the number of followers, there is a never-ending list of tricks, but you just have to select the best from those. To increase followers on your Instagram account, read Hacks to boost Instagram followers.

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