How to clear Instagram Cache on iPhone?

how to clear instagram cache on iphone


To attempt this procedure your phone needs an active internet connection, and you will need to login to the Instagram account again after completing the process.

How to Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone?


① Open “Setting” on your iPhone.


②  Go to “General” option.   



③ Then go to “iPhone Storage”.(wait until the storage data load)



④ Scroll down the app list to find  “Instagram”.



⑤ Click on “Instagram”.



⑥ Next, click on “Delete App”.



⑦ Open “App Store” on your iPhone.

APP Store


⑧ Locate the Instagram app in the search bar and download it again.


To clear Instagram cache on iPhone, you have to follow the simple steps; open “settings” option on your iPhone and then look for the general options. Click on “iPhone storage” and wait until the data load onto the device. Further, look for the “Instagram’ in the apps’ list and next click on “Delete app”. Once you remove the app from your device, go to the App store and download the app again.

After re-downloading and installing the Instagram app, you will be required to log back into the Instagram account. Here the cache will be deleted and the size of the app will be reduced. If you want to check the cache manually, go to the setting and click on the “Storage” section.

Quick Methods to Attempt:

 Reinstall Instagram App
 Partly clear iPhone Instagram cache on Instagram App
 Permanently delete Instagram cache on iPhone.

(To permanently delete the Instagram cache on your iPhone, you need to depend on third-party tool or service.)

In an Android version, users have the direct option of “Clear Cache” button under the settings section of Instagram.

If you know any other better way to delete Instagram cache on iPhone, please let us know in the comment section.

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