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When it comes to marketing or branding the products and services on social media app, even utmost efforts of the marketer’s lack. Most of their executions and ideas do not meet with their target audiences which results in fading the overall purpose of the marketing campaign and even successful brands deem in generating leads and getting high traffic.  TikTok is the new innovative platform to reach the youth and float the brand identity with extensive interactions. Many marketers and businesses have successfully led the campaigns and Ads on this sensational social app.

Importance Of TikTok As A Platform For Brands To Be Established:

Tik-Tok since its emergence in 2016, has become the 4th most downloaded app worldwide and overcome Instagram in the race, whereas few countries have exceeded in providing the highest number of users. The app attracts teens and adults, as it gives a platform to post a short video which is mostly funny and entertaining.

Importance Of TikTok As A Platform For Brands To Be Established

 Approximately, around 500 million people use TikTok globally and the application enjoyed more than 1 billion installs by March 2019.  Moreover, 14.3 million unique users are from the US. This data shows that a channel is an amazing tool and platform for marketing. Tik Tok allows its user to post video content where the length may not exceed 15 seconds. Most of the users upload their acting sequence with background music or lip-sync on music or other content.

The application has a boom in today’s generation.  A considerable percentage of its users are female and 66% of the audience on TikTok is below 30, which encourages marketers to create a unique response for their brands as most of the business firms aged over 30 do not have an idea about this sprouting social media app. As the teens and above teenage people are overwhelmed on TikTok, the number of users is growing every day and making the channel one of the fastest-growing social media applications. New marketers, take it as a growing platform to engage with the audience and earn reviews with less effort and more creativity.

Most of the viral content or videos on TikTok are less edited and simply follow the format of other social networks. Moreover, there is a never-ending list of tips and tricks marketers must follow while branding them on this growing network. Read on the article to have more ideas about the techniques and process fits for marketing on TikTok.

Channelize your Marketing with Newer Approaches on Tiktok

Marketing through the official accounts is one way and important for all the brands to float their creative content and trap the TikTok users for their remarks. So, a brand’s official account is a must and should be separated from the personal account of marketers or communicators. Having a channel for the brand will easily help in creating a good business platform on this network and helps to reach the advertisement that can target the audience easily.

Channelize your Marketing with Newer Approaches on Tiktok

Branding is all about how your strategies are working to make a distinguished audience with no communication gap. TikTok feature is different from other mediums. Here long conceptual and complicated visual content doesn’t work whereas short, tricky and fun content can attract most of the users. Many campaigns have established their brand by breaking traditional marketing strategies on this new social hub. Apart from this,  brands are attracting their target audience with some new ideas considering users’ likes and dislikes and the crux of the types of stuff on particular social apps.

WTF Modelis successfully leading the Ad campaign for brands on TikTok where W stands for ‘wish’ T for ‘try’ and F for fun. ‘Wish’ conceptualizes breaking of stereotypes and dare to challenge tradition, for instance, many brands create a scenario (part of the campaign) to overcome the fear which society has put upon the minors. ‘Try’ hits to have an opportunity to tackle a new daring task or challenge. Here people are invited for certain tasks (which is not easy for common) to perform. It could be any dance move or any kind of dare, where users have to perform accordingly. ‘Fun’ where users have to do something funny aside from any dare or task, here brand post funny videos for the viewers and the users follow the same. Basically, WTF is the best way of marketing to get more likes and share for the brand and keep them on-trend.

Associate Your Brand With Influencer For The Wider Reach

Probably every business on TikTok must use an influencer for the promotion and wider reach of the product and services. TikTok has mostly users from teenagers to youth. These users are very affectionate to their influencers whom they follow as they are very devotee and open as compared to the averaged people. They can be easily persuaded and have believed in their icons. So, marketing for a brand by partnering with an influencer can lead to a successful campaign, also useful in getting more traffic and boost the purchasing of products and services.

However there are few demerits, when it comes to the advertisement on TikTok- the nature of the ad campaign must suit the youth as this network has mostly 13-28 users aged. So you cannot go for the ad of those products which are not suitable for them. For instance – home furnishing articles and rented apartments ad cannot excite users on the platform like TikTok.

‘Hashtag Challenges’ An Important Tool To Gain More Traffic

If you are not encouraging your audience on TikTok, probably you are doing nothing in terms of marketing. Here the users are very active when it comes to the contestant or accepting the challenge. Many users spent more time on TikTok than other network and they have a keen interest in posting videos similar to your challenge and the fun activity marketer posts. It can be in the form of “#” and the topic mentioned next to it.

Hashtag Challenges

TikTok users take it as an interesting challenge which in turn increases the views and likes and they will recommend their friends to view and share the video to others.  For more reviews, a brand must practice these this trick often in order to build the image of the brand and make their campaigns memorable.

How Brands Are Using Tik Tok

UnlikeFacebook, YouTube, and other well established social networks, TikTok is new to marketers and users.  When the network came into light, companies in the USA noticed its evolving growth and they started their brand promotion and campaign on this platform by giving challenges to their audiences.

Companies like McDonald’s started a contest and the users were signed in to the apps for more description. Winners were rewarded with cash and a free voucher for food and beverages. Tik Tok boom was seen in the mid of 2018 where brands associated themselves with TikTok and giving users some kinds of challenges for them to post videos and be the part of their campaign. companies have generated enormous revenue for their creative online pieces of stuff on TikTok, by the end of 2018. Mostly US Companies are marginalized and boosted their brand promotion with Tik Tok.

Constant Advertisement Can Generate More Leads

 Advertising your products and brand is the new feature on TikTok. Earlier the network didn’t have space for advertisements like Facebook or YouTube. Moreover, short ads have been noticed since January 2019. As ‘Advertisement’ being a new feature, brands are switching their creative ads to this platform seeing millions of users worldwide. TikTok gives its users different modes of advertisement to run on their platform that are –

1. The Hashtag challenge

2. Brand Takeover

3. Infeed Native Video.

The brand takeover is another type of advertisement on TikTok, where a full display video ad is run when you are watching other content on TikTok. You would have the option to skip or watch the full video with the links of the profile or brand. ‘In-feed native video’ ads are other features on TikTok, unlike another social app where an advertisement directly appears to the website where a user can view the promotion of the brand and services and go through the particular brand page.

Tik Tok’-A Different Platform

The interactivity on Tik -Tok is different and amazing compared to Facebook, Twitter or other social sites. As most of the users are below 30, original, non-edited and fun content hits the bar. Businesses on this platform can easily be successful when it comes to making your audience interact with your visual contain music. Not much productivity is needed even when your influencer is promoting your brand. So suggest your influencer to create content on their own in a simple and interactive way. For more engagement on TikTok, your influencer must communicate in a natural and realistic way. Also, any fake information about the product can shake the balanced image of the brand.

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