12 Quick Ways To Boost Your Twitter Engagement

twitter engagement


Twitter is a platform where users can promote their brands easily and can increase traffic with multiple opportunities. The platform works as the booster for various niche either someone is struggling to establish him as an influencer, or someone wants to promote his creations. However, if you want to engage traffic on your Twitter’s profile, you need to build a strong connection with your targeted audience. So, let’s discuss some of the best tactics that you can try to boost your Twitter profile-

1. Unique Image And Header Image:

twitter header image size

The first and foremost thing user should focus on is Twitter’s profile and header image. Ideally, the profile image should be your image; this will help the audience to discover you easily. In case, you are running a business profile, then use the profile that represents your business or brand. Try to embed a header image with the content which can give a quick brief or introduction of your business. This process will attract your audience immediately.

Header image is nothing but a cover photo likes we have on Facebook, SoundCloud, etc.”

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2. Keep a Short Introduction/ Bio:

twitter bio

Twitter bio holds a lot of importance as it helps users to know about you and your profile. Your introduction and bio let users judge why they should follow you. Provide the exact information about your profile to your audience like, what you are, what you do and more. A crispy, short and suitable bio may attract the viewers more.

3. Adding Color Schemes:

twitter themes

Adding colors which fit right into your profile – choose the designs and layouts which make your profile more influencing and attractive.
For instance, your blog is about “Save The Environment,” then using green, yellow and blue colors will be an excellent idea as it will relate your content to the real scenario.

4. Add a ‘Follow’ button:

Add a ‘Follow’ button

To grow your following, you should remove all the hurdles to entry, make it easy for your audience to find their way to your profile. The easiest way to do this is to add a social media button, or a follow badge to your profile.
For example: If you are running a blog, provide an excellent introduction packed with social proof followed with a simple call to action.

5. Use Hashtags to Increase Engagement on Twitter Profile:

most popular hashtags

Using hashtags will attract viewers’ attention easily but finding appropriate hashtag is essential. There are lots of hashtags that cannot be used for a business profile, so before making use of hashtags to promote your profile, check whether it is making sense or not, is it relevant to your brand or not. Further, post your content with the best hashtags that suit your profile.
Another thing that you need to keep in your mind is a trend, yes making use of outdated hashtags cannot bring traffic on your profile, but hashtags that are in trend can help to attract users who are interested in same.

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6. Add a Twitter Card:

Adding Twitter cards will enable users to view the summary of your tweets; it will attach rich media to your tweets. When someone shares a link from your blog, the card will add an extra part of your tweets in it.

“If you see someone’s tweet summery, it means they used a Twitter card.”

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