Best Ways To Engage People On Twitter

Twitter is one of the amazing short-blogging websites which is used for sharing one another’s thoughts and feelings. Now the platform is rapidly becoming a source for sharing news. The engagement of Twitter is becoming popular enough not because one can connect with the people all over the world, but because it has become a source of exchanging all kinds of information, updates, news, etc.

People can not only connect with their known ones, but with anyone from any corner of the world. One just has to know the other person’s username to discover the person easily and connect with him in a quick manner and in a better way. This means people have the advantage of following their favorite celebrities or anyone whom they consider as an idol. The platform has the ability to connect at a global network and to know what is happening around the world which has increased the demand for this particular website. It can be called as a news media channel of today’s times.

Talking about the brands, it is another most crucial tool for marketing and promoting. This makes it necessary for the brands to be engaged with their audiences, their followers and at the same time keep them engaged within their accounts to establish good terms. Keeping your audience, your viewers, your followers, and fans engrossed and engaged with you require some efforts. if you are not working hard upon contributing as much possible to maintain a place among your followers, then you might lose them at a fast pace.

Maintaining your followers and keeping them engaged in your business is not much of a rocket science either. One should know about the right ways to carry on their business pages smoothly, and maintaining relationships with the people who call upon you.

Let us discover some of the most important points that should be put into consideration by the people who use Twitter accounts to engage and encourage more people into their business

Showcase Yourself:

Showcase Yourself

Be yourself and show your strengths to the world. Imbibe your personality into your profile by making your audience aware of exactly what you are and what all you can do for them. This shows your passion for doing a particular business as well as generates and maintains the interest of your audience within your profile.

“In the above image, you can see clearly how the user has described himself in a quite pretty and amazing manner. He has given the entire information about him in a few words which are actually a beautiful art.”

Be Consistent:

Be Consistent

Be Consistent1

You should always remember the regularity of your presence on all the social networking sites. Your audience notices and remembers your keen interest through how much time you owe to the websites into promoting your business and keep your audience updated with your brand. Your inconsistency for that matter never goes unnoticed.

“Kylie Jenner, an entrepreneur who has attained her fans love through her hard work and also known as the fashion queen. She is an active social media user and consistent about her every tweet. You can easily see how she has interacted with her followers about the summer collection and how she has shown gratitude to her fans.”

Know The Right Hours:

Know The Right Hours

The time at which you post is also one of the most essential elements of using Twitter in the right manner. Research says that the users of Twitter are the most active from noon to 1 pm. This means that you should try to post during this time of the day so that as many people as possible can be engaged in your content, and respond to it.

  • Wednesday at 9 a.m. and Friday at 9 a.m.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to post on Twitter.
  • Monday to Friday from 8 a.m.–4 p.m. are the safest times to post.
  • Saturday gets the least engagement.
  • Times to avoid that get the lowest engagement are every day from 10 p.m–4 a.m.”

Use The Advantage Of Retweeting:

Retweeting can be considered in many senses; firstly asking for retweets, “RT” on your own tweets, which makes your tweets more visible to those who do not follow you. Retweeting also means to retweet on other’s tweets, so that they can notice the efforts you do for them, which they should return in the future. This also pertains to retweeting one’s own tweets, in case any older tweet of yours was too popular in terms of gaining comparatively lot of likes, retweets or comments, then the audience should definitely go through the once again.

“In this picture, Kylie Jenner retweets making her content more visible to those people who might have missed those tweets. This is somehow a perfect strategy to show people about your brand and business more frequently.”

Encourage And Support:

Supporting your competitors, encouraging them to be more successful with their work is also another aspect that never goes unnoticed. You should always make sure that you are retweeting other’s content so that they can also connect with your brand and promotions in the same way to you in the near future. These things are always a two-way road.

Interact Properly:

Your interaction will definitely keep you engaged with the others. To do this you can ask questions in your tweets, which will encourage the conversation to start, you can do some research as well, moreover, you can also ask the users through a direct message to reply to your tweet. This way, the conversation will be two way and will develop a healthy relationship between you and your followers.

Connect People With Each Other:

The more you become a medium of connection with people, the more known you become to the others. This, in turn, increases your chances of becoming a more engaging personality on this platform.

Create Contest:

You should encourage your audience more into your business by making them interested in your content through creating contests, giveaways, prizes, etc. this strategy will definitely increase your popularity.

Use Hashtags:

twitter hashtags


Hashtags are important in linking you with the appropriate content search that the public is looking for. The audience looking for a certain type of content, related to your business, your deals, your specialty will locate you through your hashtags that you have employed into your tweets. Just make sure that those hashtags are appropriate.

Hashtag agenda was actually generated by Twitter and then it was adopted by the other social media networking sites. Hashtags are the best way to direct viewers to your other creativity and draw their attention towards your business related posts.

Hashtags provide insight into content that naturally performs well. This might be true for #photography, #funny, or #pets.

For example- you can use hashtags like #tuesdaymotivation, this can improve impressions per tweet, as this is the most used hashtags. More impressions lead to more likes, replies, and retweets.

Keep Connecting And Exploring:

Being constantly connected with your audience and exploring new ways to advance your business is another considerable strategy into letting more people engaged in your account. The more your engrossment with the world outside, the more will be your popularity will increase.

There is a never-ending list of methods and style you can use to connect with a huge audience but connecting in the right way and right direction is necessary. Explore the best tricks that can actually give a fruitful result on your basket. Exploring advanced and new strategies might take time, but will actually work for your goal.

Constructing a business account on Twitter is equally important as maintaining it over other social media handles. This helps in letting your business to be more opened to the public eye. And it is important to maintain your image in the public eye. The more you work hard onto promoting your account, the better it is for you. You have to do something different if you have to maintain a different image from the others.

Your main focus should always be upon keeping your audience engaged within your business. This engagement is definitely a stepping stone onto the success of your business.

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