2 Quick Ways To Login Twitter

2 Quick Ways To Login Twitter

Twitter is one of the largest microblogging platforms that enable you to send and receive short post around 140 characters. The platform has become increasingly popular with celebrities, politicians, and the general public.  Many users struggled to understand what Twitter is and how they can use the platform. They also wonder what the core purpose of the platform is?

Twitter is one of the sources for instant information about what is happening in the world. The platform is used by millions of people worldwide. It’s quality features, and easy availability makes it one of the best social networking sites where people love to spend their precious time.

Twitter has its own advantages and disadvantages due to which it has mixed-matched relations with its users. But yes, if you are not a Twitter user, I must say you are missing a lot of quick updates in this digital world.

Read on the tutorial to know the advantages and disadvantages of Twitter and the easy process to log in Twitter in a quick two ways.

Advantages Of Twitter:

  • Twitter is a simple social networking site as it enables its users to know everything that interests them like communities, sports, celebrities or groups of various niches.
  • User has to complete his/her saying or topic within 140 characters that really make the platform simple. Limit of 140 character helps users to think creatively and to share content directly.
  • If the user has twitted something and his/her follower liked what he/she said, this can be retweeted, so the tweet will also be seen by the followers of the users’
  • The user can combine Twitter with his/her Facebook account so that what the user post on Twitter will also get shared on the other social networks. This is one of the best parts which does not waste user’s time in publishing content on both social networks.
  • User can also place buttons on the websites to simply tweet the page and another user can observe and review the subject in question.

Disadvantages Of Twitter:

  • Due to the limit of 140 characters, the user has to summarize his/her topic. This can generate issues by having to abbreviate everything that happens.
  • Another disadvantage of the platform is that there is a lot of spam and fraud networks which cannot be easily controlled or tracked. The fraud users on the platform lead a large number of tweets due to which users lost the trust over the platform.
  • Twitter is a platform where people offend others more often through wrong words, inappropriate There has always been a fight between celebrities, politicians, and common people.
  • Fake and false profiles on Twitter are very common which generate distrust in the network. There are people who create a fake profile in the name of famous people and misuse the platform for their own benefits.

There are many features about which I haven’t discussed in this article, I will share more about Twitter in my next article in a few days.

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The login procedure varies depending on what you are doing, let’s have a look at two different ways to log in Twitter account.

Using The Web Browser:

1. Enter Login Credentials:

Enter Login Credentials

Type Twitter.com on your preferred web browser and click on enter to open the website. Doing so will open Twitter’s main page where you will see “Sign up” and “Log in” fields. Click on “Log in”, and then provide your email address and password associated with your account.

If you forgot your password, then you will be required to click “Forgot password?” link. There you will be asked to enter your email address/phone number to begin the password reset process.

If you want Twitter to keep you logged in on your computer or any other device, mark the “Remember me’ box. After this, you will not be required to log in the next time you visit the site.

Note: Do not mark the “Remember me” box on public computers.

2. Click Log In:

Click Log In

Once you entered your email address and password in the required fields, click “Log in” option located below the password field. This will take you directly to the Twitter home page, where you will see the most recent tweets from the people you follow.

Using The Mobile App:

1. Download The Twitter App:

Download The Twitter App

Twitter’s is available on the Google Play Store and App Store- the app is completely free to download. Download the app from the store depending on the phone you are using.

Most of the mobile devices come with the pre-installed Twitter app.

2. Open The App:

 Open The App

Once you download the app, click on the “Open” button. If you came out from the Play Store or App Store, then you can find it on your device. It would be the blue icon with a white bird on it. Tap on the app to open it.

3. Tap Log In:

Tap Log In

When you open the app, it will show a page saying “See what’s happening in the world right now.” At the bottom of the page, you will see a “log in” link, tap on it for the further procedure.

When you tap on “Log in” link, you will be navigated to a page where you will have to enter your email address/phone number and the correct password. Further, tap on “Log In” tab located at the bottom-left corner of the page.

If you do not have an account on Twitter, then you have to create it by tapping on the “Create account” tab located below the  “See what’s happening in the world right now.” While creating an account on Twitter,  it will ask you general information like your name through which you want to represent your profile, your email address through which you want to associate your Twitter’s account. It will also ask you to enter your interest and genre and basic details to complete the profile. Further, you will be asked to create a password for your account. After creating a password for your account, you will be required to tap the “Sign up” option. That’s all.

Always make sure to create a strong password that cannot be hacked easily. While creating a password, Twitter shows some instructions through which one can easily create the right and strong password.

Twitter is a platform through which advertisers and marketers can easily reach their goal as it has a community of million people. It is easily accessible worldwide, so the user can easily access the platform from anywhere anytime.

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