10 Picture Ideas for Instagram

Instagram is widely known for its amazing UI and features to connect with friends. You can find a vast number of social media app, but when it comes to Instagram, there is no competition. The app itself has easy to use design with the option to post photos and videos. Everyone likes to post amazing pictures that are liked by others.

If you have lots of followers and you want to keep on gaining more, posting more pictures play an important role. It is not important that what you post but you should take care of quality and try something new every single time. Such things will help to attain an amazing number of customers in the small amount of time period.

But, the biggest issue is to have unique and new ideas. It can get troublesome in future also. If you are looking for the best ideas, then this guide can definitely come handy and provide many benefits. The below given are the top 10 ideas which are easy to follow and you can try out all without any issue.

1. Showing wardrobe

There is no doubt in the fact that the wardrobe looks pretty much impressed with the good number of colorful clothes and shoes set. If you have a closet full of clothes that are unique and good to show then let’s take it to Instagram and gain more Instagram likes and followers.

Even you can take pictures of the new clothes that you bought recently and set in a good manner. Now, you have to choose the perfect angle and take a pic. Everything is done. Isn’t it impressive post to upload?

2. Pet pictures

Pets are cute so is taking their pictures. As many people love watching pictures and videos of the pet on Instagram. Having a pet is like having an all-time partner with you. Many times, pet lover post their pictures and make a feeling of being loved by their pets using some of the hashtags.

You can make others see your pet and lighten the smile on their faces. In addition to this, you can go out and try taking better pictures using some filters to make it look better. Keep in mind that pet pictures look good with fade filters and it is an amazing thing that you can try out right now.

Pet pictures

3. Food pictures

Heading over to a restaurant and ordering something delicious that you haven’t tried ever can make you feel happy and fill you with great vibes. However, taking pictures and posting it is a great idea that almost gone viral in past years.

You can also try it out and click some of the marvelous pictures with proper saturation, decent contrast and enough exposure to make it look good. Haven’t tried it ever? Well, what are you waiting for? Even, if you cook something at home then click some pictures and you are ready to go.

Food pictures

4. Posting Quotes

In order to create a profile that is eye-catchy, the quotes can help in various manners. You can use a photo editor app. Create a new black sheet of any color and write down any of your favorite quotes and you are ready to upload.

Or, you can search for the type of quotes at google and choose the one that you love. Now, you can upload quotes without any issue and it is the highly reliable method that’s why you can try it out without a single issue and it can make your profile look better and shows that what you love.

Posting Quotes

5. Nature Shot

The earth is so beautiful with a variety of trees, sea and lot more. If you ever get a chance to visit the beautiful side of this earth then pick up your camera, set the ISO, Aperture speed and click pictures. It is one of the best types of picture that is uploaded by celebrities also.

During such shots, try to put some greenery in the picture and opt for the natural light. Make sure that the picture must not be dark, not so bright. By such methods, you can avoid most of the issues with ease.  In addition to this, you can increase the green color with the use of photo editor apps.

Nature Shot

6. Selfie of Adventure

There is no doubt that everyone loves to see the new wonders of life and you can easily head over to any of the beautiful as well as the exotic destination. One of the most loved destination all around the world are hills.

Well, if you head over to such place then taking a selfie worth but be careful and don’t cross restriction boards. By visiting these places, you can try out something new and take amazing pictures there. It is the most loved idea, but you have to visit any good place.

Selfie of Adventure

Image Source: Elitedaily.com

7. Showing Lifestyle

It is easy to find that everyone has a unique lifestyle and it is the place where you can nail the Instagram newsfeed. You can start thinking about the stuff you have and the one that you love the most. You can show what you do all day and what you love the most.

It is a great idea when implemented properly. If you love to sketch then show some of your art online. The same goes for other artists. Everyone has the hidden talent inside and you have to find that. This method will help you create a good Instagram profile.

8. Take Pictures with Besties

Life isn’t life without friends and you know why. So, why don’t you take your funny besties in the picture, take some funny shots and make your Instagram post point of discussion among others? It is a great way to enjoy with your friends.

Click some of the ambient shots, try out each other dresses and it will make you love the different version of you. It is a great idea where you will be trying new stuff. It is a highly reliable option and you can try it without a single issue.

Take Pictures with Besties

9. Showing off your stuff

The detail shot is the last one that is worth trying because you will be showing something different this time. If you have some branded clothes with sunglasses and a pair of shoes, click a photo. You will love to show your stuff and it is really the best idea to opt for.

In detailed shots, try out what you have and what you are buying. But, post such pictures rarely because there doesn’t look that good always. So, you have to stay selective in approach to keep your profile good looking instead of filling it with the mess that no one likes at all.

10. Fashion Gram

Do you love to look like popular models and try out their style? Well, you have to buy such clothes, take good pictures and post them on Instagram. Such pictures look good and you will love to post these pictures and to share with friends without any issue.

Hope, this guide will help you learn about the top 10 ideas to take amazing pictures and posting all of them at Instagram. Keep in mind that you post pictures with quality and use some photo editor apps to make a good theme.

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